Philosophy thread!

(Evan Landreneau) #21

True, we just went from Philosophy to getting mad at yoyoexpert. I’m just going to stop now. I don’t want to make this worse.

(Carson Reid) #22

And everyone, at the end of the day, while some religious beliefs may fall under philosophy, there is guaranteed to be no politics, and I would hope that everyone is mature enough to realize that as an accepting community, nobody is taking any jabs at anybody, and so a topic like this should really be fine. Getting angry is really a childish thing past a certain point, and so almost no matter what happens in this topic, because we are simply sharing opinions and don’t mean any harm, no offense should be taken.

({John15}) #23

Alright, now I’m offended.

KIDDING. I’m kidding


As the man said…

And the house makes the rules. This ain’t no democracy. :sunglasses:

From many years of experience we have determined that discussions revolving around the above topics invariably turn into nasty flame wars needlessly disrupting the otherwise normally smooth and evocative flow of discussions on this and other yoyo forums. If you have a burning desire to discuss subjects like these, there are numerous other forums on the internet dedicated to those types of discussion.

Also note that it is up to the moderators discretion to censor and/or delete these and any other topics as deemed necessary for the smooth operation of the forum. :wink:


I am (Christian)

Oops, :neutral_face: sorry
But no, my name is Theo

({John15}) #26

Does your username name have anything to do with that? Theology, Theolodger


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I addressed his letter to Theo Lodger like he told me to.



As pointed out this isn’t the place for religious topics or discussion.