Controversial Topics Thread

If there is anything else, just let me know and I’ll add it. Also, try not to start an argument.

Any idea why my thread was deleted? Was a something bad posted? Or just mods trying to stop it before it comes?

Kinda hard not to start an argument in that thread.

Yeah, my intention was to just post like 1 word each but oh well. it was inevitable, anyways I voted on whats most important to me.

About the only thing on that list that would remain here is Extraterrestrial Life. Most everything else has the potential to start trouble.

? What about evolution?

You should add Yoyos.

? So are you saying I should remove everything?

New world order? Government Conspiracies?


You might as well put down “DA ILLUMINATI”.

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PirateBay and other piracy encouraging websites, and of course piracy itself.

To lube or not to lube?
What does “floaty” mean?
Flat or profiled bearings?
Does Puffin have poor spin time?

These are the controversial topics that plague the world at large. The questions everyone wants answered, from the mail room guy to the President of France. Just what DOES “floaty” mean???

Avoid these topics lest you want the entire internet to crash.



Ponies, furries, and skinny jeans. Being yourself.


Hey guys.

I don’t see much good coming from this thread. Its usually not best to bring up touchy and controversial topics on the forums as such.

To keep things peaceful and free of tensions, I think its best to stop it here.



Truth. This is pure truth.

Maybe add YYF/Audley

Been 3 days and no argument yet!