Permatex 22074 Ultra Grey for very unresponsive return system

Thanks! I actually thought about you mentioning using a syringe last night before I started but I was feeling lazy. I was going to do it cause I hate wasting all the excess that ends up in the plastic tube. It’s like the amount to probably do a whole nother yoyo.

I been using one of them mini cards you hook to a keychain that like gas stations and grocery stores hand out for customer rewards.


Back at it…I’m hoping this helps my first base. My response on my first base always been slippy at times.


You prob want to pair it with some fat string since you can only make it less responsive from however responsive flush is


I had luck with my recognition response becoming more to my liking after changing to ultra grey. Well see how it goes once it dries I suppose.

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For me was very aggressive the recog original pad, much better with the silicone.

I am just siiconing everything nowadays :rofl:


I don’t know why mine was slippy for me. I think I recall we both were using the same AceYo too. Probably cause your so good at yoyoing compared to me haha. Me too man, it’s alot more economical too for my cheap self.

I honestly was worried ultra grey was going to be too slippy for me but I feel like my shooting star binds became tighter too with the grey and I was replacing a newer pad that had fell out.

Not entirely true. Since the Ultra Grey is softer once dried than most response pads it will be more grippy. So if you apply it flush, it will be more responsive than a flush pad. But you can also recess it further creating less response.


After months of very hard playing those throw become so unresponsive that bind was basically impossible lmao, I can see the metal at the base for how much the pad was worn out, the very curious stuff is that closer to the bearing it was the most worn out part and less on the outer sides, in all the yoyos was like that, always thought pads kind of consume all together at the same time and not a side before the other, will be cool to know if someone has an explanation!

Yoyos are:

Clyw - Klondike
Lm studio - Boundaries
Unprld - Seiji

Old pads:

Old Permatex pad consumed:

New silicone ready to dry:


Well the string grabs there first when you send it in for a bind so naturally that would wear out faster than the outer part


That seiji looks so nice.

Just ordered a tube for myself, and it should be coming in today. The pads on my Laevateinn pooped the bed yesterday, and I figured I’d give it a try! I’ll post results once I’ve got’em.

EDIT: That was tougher than I thought! Kinda messy, but I cleaned it up the best I could. I’ll have to pull some out of the bearing seat once it cures.


once it fully cures, it will peel right off.

The mess is easy to clean once its cured, satisfying to peel it off, too.

I just did my daily rotation as well. Mcmo is left out because I already flowed it. Goooood stuff.


honestly my favorite part about siliconing lol


Just strung up my throw today and it feels wonderful!


Yesterday I was playing with my Motif and I was like “what the hell is going on with it” after around 30 minutes of playing I was really struggling to bind or throw with my normal power it seemed the yoyo was “loose”, than I opened it and I discovered in which situation was the silicone :joy:

Also I do think it is time for a new string as well lmao


looks a little rough but i go back in and smooth em out after they set up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Out of curiosity, where do you guys store the opened tube? In the fridge?


@fradiger we were siliconing at the same time in different parts of the world.

Just silicone those bad boys:

Unprld - Motif
Unprld - Recognition
Yoyofriends - Shortcut

Close to be an amazing job except I messed up in the Shortcut, oh well it will be fine after throw it a little bit tomorrow


I keep it in the freezee, I have a tube there from when I opened this post is about to finish now but still work great and not dry at all!