Siliconing my DM2...

Hey guys, So i just did my first Sili job on my DM2. I did a really clean job but now it’s totally responsive. Did i make the rings too thick or something?? Maybe a thinner layer? I attached a couple pics so you can see. Also am i using the right sili?? It’s Permatex, clear, flowable sili… Someone give me some pointers please!!

it needs to break in

Yeah what he said ^, I always need to play with my yoyos for about a day or two before its broken in and is unresponsive. So no worries there :stuck_out_tongue: btw nice job at sili-ing it :wink:

It needs to break in but, I think it’s your bearing. I have had the exact same situation as you if you look back at my thread months ago. I had a freshly new and properly siliconed yoyo but still responsive. I cleaned the bearing and BANG. Dead unresponsive.

I think you really should give cleaning the bearing a try cause in my perspective, it’s the most effective. And make sure no silicone gets onto the bearings seat.