Ordering Shutter...

Ordering a Bead Blasted Aqua one. What should I expect?

Pure awesomeness. I need a new one. My Red/Black one is so dinked up.

This sounds very re-assuring. :wink:

He’s not kidding. He actually explained it pretty well.

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^looks like I made a good purchase then!

You wont regret it. It’s one of the best metal yoyos you can get for under 50 bucks.

Yeah couldn’t pass up a blasted metal for $42. After doing some research I felt like it was worth it. Is there a play difference between the polished and blasted ones? Do they even make polished ones anymore?

I have a polished and it is great (minus the dinks). Tell me what the blasted is like.


Definitely will when it comes!

Blasted just gives is a different texture that makes it grind better and longer that’s all.

^ So no real difference other than texture?




Cool been wanting to learn some grinds!

The best yoyo for any type of grinds is the Zeekio Core


Jhb posted a picture of the best grinding yoyo

There are many yoyo’s that exceed in all grinds.

Excuse me son, but have you ever tried a Core?

I’m sure the core is a great yoyo, but it’s not the subject of the thread.

True, but when I tried a blasted Shutter it was pretty dope for grinds