Ordering Shutter...

For under 50 bucks, the Shutter and the CZM8 seem pretty amazing. Both are very smooth, very stable, and feel legit. They easily play on par with something like a Genesis, my reference point of comparison with a more expensive YYF model. It’s generally easy to control. The blast grinds well and the shape makes it feel similar to some of the concave throws from folks like Radical Seas or Monkeyfinger, though those are great fun in their own way. The other difference between these and other sub-50 dollar yoyos is that they are full sized. Others from different brands tend to be undersized, which isn’t a bad thing, but means that these fill a bit of niche price point until you step up to around $60.

The type of info I was looking for. thanks!

So, is it as good as I explained previously? :smiley:

^ Don’t know hasn’t come in yet. When it comes I’ll post my first impressions. Should be here around Tuesday.

But jhb’s magical thing…

Just got it. Will post my initial thoughts tomorrow!

My shutter is great. It has an amazing finish and fingerspins are great.

It plays solid but not to heavy. And it looks great. Definitely worth it.

the best yoyo for grinds is the kuyostar XD


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