Project two

Should i get it?

You got enough cash for it? If you have an extra $90 bucks you just need to spend, yes.

EDIT: lol, didn’t notice you were the guy from that other thread. Yeah sure, just get it. Get it before you change your mind again. Metal yoyos are awesome.

It has gotten great reviews, and there hasn’t been that many complaints on it, if any at all.

Just buy it if you want it. There’s really no need to hesitat unless you hate small yoyos or something.

yes its amazing

i’m going with black and red, thanks to anyone who helped me on my decision.

(So far i have $45, but i am going to work for the rest of it today, i posted a video on youtube and i cant yoyo for 2 days. That may not sound like alot, but to any yoyoer it is alot of time.)


unlock, bump

Why would you unlock it?

The best yo-yo evar, in my opinion.

someone kept e-mailing me to unlock.