Need a vote on my next yoyo purchase.

If you chose YoyoJam Next Level. I also need color. I like both the blue and the black. Check my user name.

Next Level gets my vote, I absolutely love mine. I have black, I like the black the best.

Don’t buy YYJ.


Don’t be a hater.

I’m not hating. I’m just being real. If this guy wants a yoyo that will last and perform throughout his yoyoing career, then he shouldn’t buy YYJ.

Every single one that I’ve owned has vibed or cracked. Even after the solid spin axle became standard. They’re just sub par products that can’t stand the test of time.

You must of had some bad luck sir.Ive had 2 out of the last 45 or so YYJ plastics ive owned be extremely vibey, to the point that I’ve sent them back to YYE. The rest have been great, with notable praise on The Inspire and my Cerberus, both dead smooth.

However, the Next Level is metal with nickel plated bronze rims, so I doubt its going to crack. Vibe, Possibly. Alot of High end metals have a touch of vibe. None of my YYJ metals have vibed. Maybe I got lucky. But even if it does have problems Andre will defintely help you out.

The only problem I have with YYJ Metal is the Ano sucks. I havent had a problem on my Next Level. But on my Karma, Luxe, and Fever with Purp rims, the ano would wear off on thumb grinds and regular play.

Which YYJ?
OP is choosing between a YYJoker and a YYJam yoyo.


Any YYJ.

Yyj are one the best

He doesn’t want a debate on why YYJ sucks, because in actuality the don’t at all, that’s your opinion.
He wants to know which of those yoyos the people here have tried and like better so he can purchase one.
If you don’t suggest a YYJ, suggest an actual yoyo from another company instead of bashing YYJ because they CAN make good yoyos.

Also, the Next Level.

Isn’t that what I have been doing…?

Indeed you have lol

So to follow up and make this cat get a Next Level, I took the caps off mine today…WOW…completely dead smooth, passes the finger nail test and all now. Instantly became my favorite throw again.

I hope they do a raw or gold one, Id love a second.

So you also have issues with YoYoJoker?

Thx for all the input and the votes. Lets just refer to the two as Joker or Jam since YYJ can be abbreviated for both. :stuck_out_tongue:

What does it look like capless?:open_mouth:

Don’t get any YYF except maybe avant garde 2. They are just a money consuming company. So glad I just traded off the last of mine

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Way to be a hater.

I think we need to focus on helping the original poster in making a decision here.

Personally, I am getting a Next Level in blue. Not sure when, but I will be. I’m not interested in the YYJoker product line currently, but I have heard nothing buy good things about their products from a great many individuals, so clearly it’s a good product. I re-evaluate things from time to time.

I have the following issues with YYJ:
Bronze weight rings on Speeder 2 needed to be pressed back on.
Rims of Hitman Pro need to be pressed back on.
Cap on Phenom came loose.

Nothing is perfect. I still like YYJam and will continue to buy their products.