Next Level

When did this come to the stores? I looked at it and thought " Wow that looks awesome." Then sadly I saw the price and was like “Awww.”

Last week, but the homepage banner was only put up like 2 days ago.

I felt the same way. I’ll get it when more colors come out. I really like the Chaser so I can’t imagine not liking this one. Plus I am really happy with most YYJ throws so again, the odds are in favor of me enjoying this one a lot.

I fully agree with you. almost all the new YYJ’s (which is almost all of them) have blown me away time after time!

Im suppose to be throwing one tomorrow, which im uber stoked for as the Chaser one of my favorite yoyos of all time!

I was going to pick up a Next Level when I saw it at BAC (It sure was a nice-looking yoyo) but when I saw the price (I had a hard enough time throwing $50 down for a yoyo), I decided I’ll stick with my beloved Chaser for the time being, and will probably pick up my Dark Magic instead. At first (more like until I saw the unofficial name of “Metal Chaser”) I thought it was just a bi-metal Chaser-shaped throw with a textured surface for grinding.

John Narum said the Inspire will be released for $50ish and it has a similar shape.

Because it is also called the Metal Chaser. That was what YYJ called it when Mickey was still in team YYJ. It was also sold as the Metal Chaser YAX when it was sold at his store [with 24K rims and gold color mirror rims]

The Next Level is the cheaper [economy] version of the Metal Chaser YAX, you can say.

Confusing? I was confused too…

You know what, it may have been the Inspire I saw. They all look so much alike! The $50 price seems like the price I saw. Now I’m kind of wishing I picked one up.

I agree with that. Both Inspire and the Next Level [Metal Chaser] look pretty similar. The difference I found is that the Inspire has wider(?) metal rims so it might give it a different feel and play :]

Why are so many of the yyj’s mirrored on the side ?

For what its worth, here is a comparison shot of a Next level with a Chaser
Just a touch wider. the rim width on both appear to be identical in width and angle.

Chaser is just a bit taller than the Next Level.

Ive been playing with the Chaser since december and I love it to death. I got my Next Level just recently.So far I have been enjoying it A LOT, though it does seem to play a bit slower than the chaser, which isnt a negative at all as the chaser is FAST!my Next Level is completely smooth and quiet. I have Dragon string on it right now and its playing quite beast!

When will the inspire be available?

The finish on the Next Level (the diamond one) is stunning! I got a blue one and it looks amazing! Oddly enough, I love the Next Level, but I didn’t like the Chaser because it was too heavy.

Cool. I’ll have to bundle a blue with my next YYE order in late July.

I like the Chaser a lot because it is heavy but doesn’t play like it. Even so, it’s a bit too heavy for my preferences. I like to sometimes warm up with this yoyo and then move onto something else. Then again, some days it is my main throw.

I should have just “bit the bullet” and snagged one at BAC. Oh well! I’ve got enough to keep me busy for now, last thing I need is one more yoyo to distract me at the moment. And trust me, that new CLYW Arctic Circle is a major distraction right now… trying to power through stuff so I can get back to it!