YoYoJam Next Level Released (in the UK at least)

I haven’t seen the Next Level up on YYE yet, but I have here the description from a UK yoyo shop:

I haven’t seen any signs of the Inspire or Trigger appearing yet, sorry. :confused:

I saw the Next Level at BAC up close and in person. If it was $80 I would have snapped it up, but they were asking $120 and I passed for now. That’s OK, I’ll buy one later.

YYE is careful not to put too much stuff on their web site before it’s ready for sale. They may be waiting for this model, the Trigger, Inspire and maybe a few other new models to be officially released.

That would make sense. But the UK site I’m looking at seems to be implying that they have the YoYo ready to ship as soon as it is bought, (it can be bought now), this might just be a little poor organisation on the owner’s part, since if he doesn’t already have them he might be in some trouble if his shipment arrives late…

The Next Level officially releases today (5/31).

The Inspire and Trigger do not have official release dates yet. The Inspire will be before the Trigger and the Trigger will likely be at Worlds.

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Thanks for the info! I thought the Inspire was being released on the 31st too, but I wasn’t sure about the Trigger. It doesn’t affect me much since I won’t be so much as trying them until worlds…