YoyoJam Inspire

Wonder when YoyoExpert will get it. I found it elsewhere, but for like $65.

I love mine, I’ve had it for about a month now and play with it every day. Between my inspire, next level and chaser, I haven’t touched anything else for months.

the official release date is august 2nd(first day of worlds) so it should probably hit online retailers after that point sometime

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Inspire after having had it a month. I have much jealousy.

I’m hoping they release a version with anodized rims. Yoyo looks great but I hate how raw aluminium tarnishes with time.

theyre going to email me right before it comes out.

I’ve had mine for a month now as well and love it. Ive been a huge fan of all this new Chaser inspired stuff. The Inspire compared to the Next Level or chaser is extremely floaty. The next level feels solid as you play with it and you have to coax it into speed, the Inspire requires not effort to move fast!
it fits perfect in the hand and is fast!!! i always thought the chaser was fast despite its heft. but the Inspire is really fast without the weight. its extremely stable, I dont have to adjust much ever during play!

now the downsides. When mine arrived it was a vibey beast! Luckily the axle was to blame and I got it dead smooth on the string. it still vibes when you do the finger nail test, but it doesnt affect play. Another problem, that is fixable, because the gap is so huge, the binds tend to slip alot with dragon string. its not so bad with other strings, but I only like to use Dragon. I need to silicone it too see how it plays
I posted on the yoyoskills site that if they made a metal and/or metal plastic hybrid chaser it would make my other throws obsolete, well theyre doing job so far :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps!

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Go buy one!

Yoyoexpert is selling them now. It looks like they will retail for a little higher than John said. $63 isn’t too bad if it lives up to my expectations. Hopefully mine will arrive early this week.