"Deceiving Appearance" - YYJ Inspire Review

Welcome to my review-series “Deceiving appearance”. In this series we are going to take a look at a couple of yoyos that perform not the way you would expect. We are going to discuss models that make you go “I am quite sure I know how it is going to feel and play”,
but when you get your hands on them you get completely blown away.

After all, looks can be quite deceiving, don’t you think?

The first yoyo we are going to take a look at is YoYoJam Inspire.



Inspire has a very “sophisticated”, premium look to it. Definitely one of the most beautiful bi-metal/plastic models you can find on the market. Body is solidly build, there are no drawbacks to the hybrid construction – transition between plastic and metal is excellently executed.
Diamond pattern on the plastic is a great touch – an interesting twist to the usual plastic yoyo formula that gives Inspire a bit more personality. Shiny aluminum rims add variety to the appearance – nice contrast to the smooth celcon body. Plastic caps have a “brushed metal” finish which complements the premium feel of the design.
Overall, Inspire offers a very distinct appearance that is quite unusual for a plastic or bi-metal yoyo. It looks like a “serious” premium product but does not come with a “premium” price tag.


One of the most surprising qualities of YoYoJam Inspire is solid “unibody” feel that is incredibly unusual for bi-metal yoyos. If somebody blindfolded you and gave you this model, I am quite sure you won’t be able to tell if you are holding a full-metal yoyo or a hybrid. The solid feel is definitely one of the most unusual and interesting qualities of this yoyo.
YoYoJam Inspire has a very comfortable shape that fits the hand quite nicely. There is a big curve for the middle finger that makes your grip on the yoyo very “confident”.



When playing with the Inspire you get the similar full-metal feel from it. It plays just a bit heavier than average – just enough to feel solid without “torturing” your finger.
YoYoJam Inspire is probably one of the most stable yoyos I have ever played with. It is really hard to throw this yoyo’s balance off – Inspire is very “forgiving” and can handle very sloppy play.
This model is great for modern competitive type of play. It really “shines” during fast tricks and horizontals. V-shape and a lot of rim weight allow you to go kind of crazy – is handles even the hardest tricks and weirdest angles incredibly well.
Inspire is also a great option if you are a fan of finger grinds – celcon body with diamond finish allows you to do very long grinds. Sadly, Inspire is not suited for thumb and arm grinds because there is no pronounced IRG and glossy aluminum rims do not give you a lot of control over grind tricks.
Also I want to mention that you can adjust weight of the yoyo by taking side caps off – it will reduce overall weight by 1-2 gramms.


Love it
-Premium feel and beautiful appearance
-Durable celcon body
-Amazing build quality
-Great for extreme fast play
-Awesome for horizontals and finger grinds

Hate it
Not a lot to hate here, the only weak point of this model is that it is not suitable for thumb and arm grinds.


Great review! I almost got the Inspire when I first started learning, but was intimidated that it was unresponsive-only. I should have got it! Sounds like a good throw.

Wonderful review. We need more of these. Thank you!

I have one and it is such an underrated throw. Sure it’s got some vibe but if vibe dosent bother you this yoyo should be at the top of your list if your looking for a bi metal

Great review ;D

Wow I did a search and this is the first Inspire review. I think it well done and the Inspire sure does look good. Makes me want to get one! I really like all the YYJ throw pictures you take.

That was honestly the best review I have ever read. Great job!

Thank you)