YYJ Inspire VS YYJ Vexed VS C3 Halo

Wich of these yoyos should i get ??? ;D

I like to try bi metal, because I have never thrown one?

Wich do you think is the best?

Plz reply ;D


Well the C3 Halo is derlin (plastic, pretty much) and the other two are bi metals.

If it were up to me I’d get the Inspire. But that’s just my preference.

Don’t have the Inspire.

The Vexed is really nice. I like it a lot. I was pleasantly surprised on this one. I think the Vexed and Inspire have similar shapes. Based on my satisfaction with the Vexed, the Inspire would be a good way to go.

The Halo is really nice too. Good classic shape. Different material and different weight distribution, feels more center than rim.

But you’re asking “best”, and I can’t give an answer. I don’t subscribe to the “best” thing. I would suspect the Vexed plays similar to the Inspire. I can’t explain it but the Halo plays different. All are great. Best is a matter of your opinion. I’m more concerned with things like “different” and “fun” and “playable”. After that, terms like best can go take a hike. If I’m enjoying the yoyo, that’s sufficient for my needs.

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Not sure what your preferences are but I think I can still help

I’ve tried all of these yoyos before. IMO the inspire is the best. It has the best build quality and the shape is great. Easily handles pretty much any thing and is good for finger grinds.

Next the vexed and halo are kinda of on the same level. I tried a halo and it was good just not amazing. I think the one I tried might have been slightly messed up but I’m not sure. I would say halo then vexed. Do not underage the vexed. Great yyj


(not again autocorrect)

If someone here can make a review on the Inspire on YouTube?
Pleeeeeease ;D

Inspire. Hands down. John Narum gave me one and it plays great.

All I’ve been throwing lately is my Inspire. I removed the caps, threw in a twisted trifecta bearing, and satined the rims though.

how does it look capless?

I think it looks pretty decent. I actually liked the way it looked with the caps, but I usually end up preferring the feel of yoyojams without their caps.