YoYoJam Restock! Transcend, Diamondback 2, Next Level & Unleashed!

We just got some of our favorite YoYoJam yo-yos in some great new signature editions!

Tessa Piccillo’s Transcend, Tylor McCallumore’s Diamondback 2, Sora Ishikawa’s Next Level, & Toshiaki Oonuma’s Unleashed!





[b]NEXT LEVEL:[/b]



How do Diamondback 2 and Next Level compare to other popular bimetals?

I bought unleasheds and have made more progress in 2a with those than any other yoyo, they play super good in windy conditions too they are my new personal preference for 2a now

I got to try a next level out the other day. I only got to throw it a few times but it felt really vibey to me. Didn’t have the feel that a draupnir or nobunaga has. I had been planning to pick one up but had to pass unfortunately. Who knows maybe it was just that one.