New "Next Level"

Anybody seen this yet? I am excited to possible try one.

That was a pretty unique video. I enjoyed it and hope this yoyo lives up to the new bi metal standards.

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I have several of the original versions, and I still feel that it’s an underrated YoYo.

Maybe the next version will provide a reason for everyone to give it the attention it deserves.

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Looks great.

have a bad taste in my mouth regarding YYJ, but I gotta admit, this looks nifty

stamped transparent caps tho
revival im calling it

Does anyone happen to know what the release date is for this YoYo ?

I really wished postings for new YoYo releases would provide SOME idea as to when the release date is… A week, a month, a couple of months…etc. ???

I really do not feel that is an unreasonable request. IMO

I recently read on Facebook that it will be available (along with the Diamondback 2 and the Transcend) at the YYE booth at CalStates if that helps. Otherwise, sorry, man.

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Man! How come all the good stuff being released is at cal states? ;(