Metal chaser.

So the chaser being my favorite plastic yoyo, i was lookin some stuff up. I ended up on yoskills i think and i saw this… I almost pooped myself. It looks goooooood and i love the shape of the chaser. I hope they actually make this i want one!!!

It was made. A very very limited release (less then 15 pieces I think) was sold at another site. I don’t know if a larger release is planned for the future.

You might like this then :wink:

ohh im well aware :wink: too pricey for me at the moment but i wanna get one soon. Right after i get a dang :wink:

The yyj inspire looks like bi metal chaser for around $50

Wow. those almost look identical. Only the specs say otherwise. Veeeery interesting.

The Next Level was actually intended to be a metal Chaser, I guess it’s your best bet…

Better start saving!

Wish it came in the silver and gold rim colorway.

I am Picking one up at the end of the week. Might get the inspire instead though, Such awesome big rims!