Yoyo Jam or Magic Yo Yo?

Should I get a YoyoJam Chaser, or a Magic Yoyo n12?

n12 if you want metal or chaser if you want constant horizontal

Hmm, tough. I have both, and they are very different. While we’re talking “close in price”, we’re talking vastly different performance.

If you want heavy yet fast and aggressive, Chaser. Just an amazing plastic.

If you want a decent speed metal that you’re not worried about taking a dink here and there(stuff happens) and MAYBE have to change the bearing, N12 Shark.

Chaser all the way- i kind of feel like the n12 is a bit more cheaply made even tho its metal. Chaser plays awesome.

Most MYY are cheaply made.

The Yoyojam Chaser is a “Micky” signature and is going to be good.

Pros to the MYY: Metal Cheap and looks cool.

Cons: Made in china, using made by a very popular company, and might not last as long.


Pros: Is a Micky signature. Made in U.S.A, has the solid spin axle, is made by one of the most popular company’s to this day.

Cons: Is plastic, (that’s not bad, unless you want a metal) has a higher risk of cracking.

I say Chaser all day. Because its made by YYJ, and is a Mickey signature, I know it will be good.

N12. Best model they put out yet. The thing sits in my 24 case, right next to my $120+ Throws. Yea it’s sad that it is just that good for 15 bucks.

Good Luck!