YYJ Chaser, Protostar or Speeder 2 ?


So i am going to buy a new throw tomorrow and i have narrowed my choices down to these 3. The chaser is also a bi metal but i do not understand why it is so much cheaper. If i buy the chaser i can buy a twisted trifecta. What should i buy ?


the chaser is not a bi metal. it is a plastic with metal weight rings! BIIGGGG difference there! if your budget is up to $60 (speeder 2) then get a C3 yoyodesign Di Base. but if your still looking at the protostar (plastic with metal weight rings) then you dont need a trifecta really, the protostar comes with a center track bearing. the proto star is a great throw that performs with $100+ yoyos!


Preferences vary.

My favorite of the 3: The Speeder 2, which I have put a KK in. Sweet! Fast, stable, steady, smooth(well, typical YYJ plastic/metal vibe). It does come with the typical YYJ 2-bearing configuration, with the slim bearing pre-installed. This is not a good beginner yoyo, it’s definitely advanced. A word of warning: The brass rings can come loose, so press them back in from time to time. Yes, I really like this yoyo, but you need to know about this. All catch zone and smooth right into the response area. This is a strictly 1A throw. I understand why the Speeder 2 tops the price field, due to the expensive brass weight rings. However, I bought at $45 and now it’s like around $55, and it’s only been like a year or less.

The Protostar is a proven favorite. Fantastic price, competition worthy(as is the Speeder 2), regularly competes with $100 metals. The low cost is misleading because it performs so amazing. The spacers are a pain to remove from the bearing, just so you’re warned about this. Many other YYF’s have this same issue. The Protostar isn’t going anywhere. It’s a proven yoyo with who knows how many thousands of people enjoying this. The Protostar is also good in pairs for 3A due to it’s shape and affordability, and I’ve seen a good number of people using it for 5A as well. The Protostar is a very adaptable yoyo. The weight ring and more expensive Centertrac bearing is what pushes the price to where it is.

The Chaser is also really good. Like many other YYJ’s, this yoyo comes with 2 bearings and has the slim bearing pre-installed. It’s heavy though at over 73 grams, yet it doesn’t play heavy, it’s rather light on the string and likes to move. I popped a KK in this one and I didn’t care for how it performed, but your results may vary. The Chaser seems like it was meant to compete shape-wise with the Protostar/Northstar. It is a good yoyo, you can compete with it, I just don’t see anyone doing so. The shape seems like it was the “leader” for a whole range of yoyos this year from YYJ, including the Next Level(the Metal Chaser), Vexed, Inpsire, and a few others. This yoyo is more themed for 1A play. It can do 3A and 5A OK at best. The Chaser’s weight rings give it stability, and since it’s all rim loaded, it maintains it’s speed and yet for some reason it plays light on the string. However, the weight rings are more like a washer or disc and not a true ring like the Protostar or even the Trigger or Northstar. This pushes the price down.

I have all three, I like all three. What gets played the most? For me, I’ve been playing the Chaser a lot. I like the Protostar, but I just don’t go reaching for it as often mostly since so much stuff has come in recently, it’s kind of gotten pushed back. Still, it’s a great yoyo, no argument. The favorite has to be the Speeder 2. With that KK in there, it just wants to spin forever, slices through the air and just wants to keep on spinning. It was impressive with the flat bearing, but it just really comes to life with the KK in there. Considering the designer, I am not surprised.

Now, the Protostar and Chaser have similar shapes, more of an H-type. The Speeder 2 is a V-type shape using a rounded V to the response area. The odds are in favor of if you like the Protostar or Chaser, you’ll like the other. The shape is similar to that of a Burnside or even a Code 2. The Chaser feels more solid than the Protostar, but don’t let that discourage you, the Protostar is every bit as durable, it’s just due to the design. since the Speeder is a different shape, it’s not a like for like comparison. I prefer V shapes, but I play nearly anything.

You can’t go wrong. However, as much as I am pro-YYJ, if you are having trouble deciding, the Protostar might be the winner here. Other than that, I don’t really think you can go wrong with your choices.