Good yoyos around 30$?


I’m buying protostar and a di base. And I can’t decide another one.


Sounds like you are going to be pretty set.

Got string? Spare pads? Maybe a case or holder?


Sounds like you’re after variety. Good!

Trigger, DieNasty, Chaser, Legacy II and Plastic Grind machine are all ideal choices in the $20-30 range.

Going down the price list, we can add a Lyn Fury(but clean the bearing and silicone it), PSG, Asteroid, Whip, Stackless Grind Machine and Classic.

If you wanta compact full meta, by all means, the C3 Token, but you may want to split up your brands since you’re already going with the excellent choice of the DIbase.

I’m not recommending stuff like the Starlight and Starbright because they are the same shape as the Protostar. The Protostar by itself is impressive, and as you’ve notice, super affordable.

Not out yet at YYE yet, but the Duncan Flipside, at $20 or so, with its reversible spacer SPR-type system, well, just plain awesome!




Protostar and northstar that and the legacy 2 which I own is very smooth


Trigger or Classic with silicone pads and a full size bearing.


Trigger or PSG


Yomega Maverick


I haven’t tried every throw under the sun, but I LOVE my Chaser. Felt kinda… well, hard-plasticky and almost uncomfortable in my hand the first time I tried it out and I was like, “What. The. Heck. Is. This?” But a few more tries and it was love. The metal rings make it very stable and solid. A heavier-feeling plastic throw.

(SR) #10



Yes, Trigger for sure.


Trigger or chaser. Those yoyos are sold for about thirty $ and they are pretty good


That’s because the Chaser is is spec’ed out at 73.8 grams. It’s heavy! Despite the weight, this plastic yoyo is a mover!


Holy moly; I had never looked at the spec. You’re absolutely right, though-- this is probably my fastest throw, despite also being the heaviest. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just fast. Maybe the extra weight is just encouraging me to be aggressive with it, but I rip through tricks more quickly than with any of my other throws.


Don’t get one of the yoyos you picked and with the left over money get the capless by c3


Protostar, di base, token. How’s that?


The token is very very small


It is very small. What I like about it is that it is actually going to make you force yourself to throw better. Bad throws aren’t taken too well. Once you get your throw nice and straight, this one really will reward you with great play, provided you play clean too. However, it does lack some mass so it’s not going to be super long spinning. I’d say you can still easily get through your toughest tricks and combos with it though. I bet you can get over 2 minutes on a strong sleeper easily with it.

Sometimes it’s “what sort of benefit or feature does a yoyo bring to the table?” This is NOT a competitive yoyo, but it is made to competitive and professional standards. It’s a a trainer, pocket throw and makes you get your act together.


No token! :frowning:


Any more recommendations?