A $35 budget, thoughts?


So, I have a DM2 right now and would like to get another yoyo with a ~$35 budget. Any recommendations?
I’ve looked at the protostar but it’s pretty similar to having a DM2 in terms of skill level from my understanding…
Also looked at the Token since it would be my first metal but is also not so much of a “serious” throw.

Would appreciate any input and recommendations, thanks!


I would recommend the yoyojam trigger.


This, protostar, Classic, Chaser, or PSG.


The DM II and the Protostar play NOTHING alike in my opinion.well worth a purchase, and as mentioned also consider the Trigger. Both are fantastic plastics that play great. I personally, wouldn’t really recomend the token until you have a few more throws under your belt. The token is fun and really cheap for an all metal, but its unforgiving on a bad throw and hard to learn on. I would save it for later when you have a few more players. You could also try and save up 20 dollars more and snag a DiBase.


Well do you like heavier, lighter, bigger or smaller yoyos, sharp angles Vs Rounded angles. All this comes into play to help us give you a better opinion.


Thanks for all the input!
To be honest, I’m pretty new to this so I don’t really have a preference. DM2 and my 2 raiders is really the only experience I have with yoyos.


First, let’s talk skill level. Once you can bind, then it really doesn’t matter anymore. The DM2 is over your budget, the Protostar is in your budget. They don’t play anything alike. The DM2 gets a touch of advantage only because of the thin bearing it comes with, letting you use one yoyo for responsive and unresponsive play. DM2 is still one of my favorites. I can’t really find fault with the Protostar except when it comes to grinding, because the smooth plastic is not a good grinder. Both are fantastic

For less money, I am actually enjoying the Trigger more than the Protostar, but that’s my preference.s

The Token is as serious as you want it to be, but I think that’s not the right yoyo to buy right now. It’s a fantastic pocket throw. Due to it’s size and specs, I find it to be an ideal training yoyo. It makes you have to throw better and stronger. It makes you play cleaner. Once you figure this out, it becomes very enjoyable quickly. The problem is at first, it may frustrate you. Again, one you learn this one, it’s really sweet. I don’t think you should get it at this point.

Other viable options exist under $35. Good stuff too. Ignore the fact these are almost all plastic. There’s a lot of great plastic yoyos.

The Northstar is a heavier Protostar. It plays slower as a result
The Chaser seems to be YYJ’s direct challenge to the Protostar and Northstar. It is a lot heaver but plays faster and feels light on the string.
Since you have a DM2, the Legacy II is your call. It’s essentially a plastic DM2.
The Lyn Fury is great once modded. Silicone it and clean the bearing and it plays sweet.
The Adegle PSG and Asteroid are great and different personalities. The PSG is slow while the Asteroid is fast and aggressive. The GEM PSG is heavier and I feel plays better. These are known to have vibe. Some are worse than others.
The Grind machine is neat, but might not be the one to get now, nor is the ONE or Whip. The Grind Machine, you probably don’t need to mess with stacks for now. The ONE and WHIP are too light. Mind you, these are all still good. The stackless Grind Machine might be a viable option.
Lastly, back to YYJ, the Classic, with a C SPEC bearing(YYJ Speed is my recommendation) and a silicone response or YYJ pads or other suitable fitting pad, becomes a fantastic unresponsive yoyo. The shape is generous, solid, stable, letting you land tricks easier.

Have fun.


I’d say get a C3 Alpha Crash. It’s only $20 which means you’ve got $15 already saved up towards the next throw.



Does yoyoexpert have the alpha crash in stock? Cuz I can’t find it…


Trigger all the way!

(SR) #11

You will buy a Protostar or a Trigger.


Or a shaqlerstar/northstar


I’m leaning towards getting a Protostar right now.
Does anyone have thoughts on the ONEstar? Should I try to wait for that…? (early 2013 is pretty vague). Would a Protostar or ONEstar be better? (though, nobody can say since it’s not out… just looking for opinions)



Save up for a Metropolis, it contrasts the DMII, helping you to develop preferences.


I have the ONEStar, got it at BAC.

I like the Protostar better. The OneStar is a bit too light. I was having some problems with the ONEStar the other day while playing it outside. Too much wind. I switched to a Protostar(literally), and the problem went away, mostly. Some of those gusts were pretty bad.

I do like the OneStar though. I have no issues with it.


for something totally different… PSG/Asteroid with a Trifecta bearing.


I have a protostar, and I like it quite a bit. It seems more stable and faster than a DM2. I also have a yoyojam classic. It is amazing for ten dollars. Not as stable as the Protostar, but still very good.