$30-$80 yo-yo


I am just starting advance yoyoing.I need help picking out a good yoyo from 30 to 80 dollers.


Wrong section.

What do you look for in a yoyo? Do you want floaty fast an stable or a heavy solid yoyo? We can’t help you until you tell us.


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I am in full agreement with Nobody(that doesn’t sound right… anyhow). He’s asking questions that help the rest of us make recommendations.

There’s a lot of great stuff in that price range. With a budget of $30-80, there’s a gigantic number of choices. Knowing what you have now and what you do and don’t like about what you have can go a long ways towards helping steer suggestions.

I personally keep recommending the DM2, but you’re advanced, so you might want something else. At the same time, the DM2 can easily handle the most advanced play, so it’s still valid and it’s at the lower end of your budget.

I am waiting(and waiting) for a Agape to arrive. I’m not going to say what I paid for it, but I hear the designer is a pretty cool guy and I know the pricing is within your budget. I’ve also heard from others that it’s an awesome throw, so I can’t wait to get it and try it out.


Icthus designed the agape, so obviously he’s cool.


I know, and I agree. And I bought one! I think more of us should buy one as well.


Protostar is one of the best yoyos, and it fits nicely in your budget… For most people, that’s my go to recommendation, however if you want a metal, either the gfunk or nova are good choices


why do people recommend the protostar and not the northstar? just wondering


personally i recommend a grand yo by shinwoo just came out and its $55


northstar is effectively the same, just heavier, but I don’t have one… So yea, if you like a little heavier, then go north