I need help with some yoyo terms :)

Hi I was thinking about getting a custom monkey finger Yoyo and needed help with some terms, there are three options
Bead blast play side only
Bead blast the whole Yoyo

What do these mean? What’s best for me?

Polished will look something like this:

It’ll be very shiny and pretty looking, however the cost is that it won’t grind well, if at all (in other words, if it touches your skin it will slow down pretty quickly due to the grippier surface). Also you will not be able to get it in any colour other than the silver of the raw aluminium.

Bead blasted yoyos on the other hand, have a sort of matte-like feel to the surface which means they grind better, as well as being able to be anodised as normal in whatever colours you want (apart from white, obviously).

Note the difference here between a non-blasted shutter:


and a blasted Shutter:

Obviously it’s hard to see from the pictures but the surface grinds much better and slows down a lot less if it touches your skin.

I assume that when they say “Bead blast play side only” that they mean that only the catch-zone itself (the inner V of the yoyo) will be blasted, but the actually faces/cups of the yoyo will stay un-blasted, much like the C3 Krown. On the other hand, “Bead blast the whole Yoyo” will mean that the entire yoyo is blasted, much like the Shutter above.

So really it comes down to whether you want a really shiny silver yoyo, or a colourful one that grinds better. :slight_smile:

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just go beadblasted buddy, polished is nice to look at,but when it cmes to doing alot of tech tricks,you sometimes have a good chance of swiping some skin,and when its polished it can be a bit nerve racking when thats the only thing that stopped you from achieving your run. blasted is the way to go,o atlest the catch zone and rims.

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Thank you should I bead blast everything or just the play side?

Just so you guys know, for MFD’s options, when it says polished it means non-blasted. so it would be like that first picture of the shutter Gambit showed.

There’s different color choices for “polished” , for MFD it just means non-blasted.

i saw that too, its honestly not the best way to label an aluminum finish. polished means polished in every other application.

Thanks, but I still don’t know what to get, should I blast the play side, cause if i do that, wouldn’t it be odd the un blasted finish

A few pics for texture clarification

Blasted finish

Regular polished/machined finish.

If we use the shutter as an example, play side only bead blasting would leave the part of the yoyo that has the logo on it polished, but the string gap part of the yoyo blasted. It’s not odd, but it’s a nice option to have.

Polished is perfectly fine… it doesn’t have to mean raw. You polish a car, and it has layers of finish on it. “In every other application”, polished means that it has a shiny finish, usually provided by some sort of buffing process. It doesn’t mean “raw and silver”.

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Thanks this decision is hard…

I want that SPYY Amplifier!!!