Shiny or Blasted

Trying to see what the community thinks of Yoyo finishes.

My mind says blasted.

But my heart says shiny.

Shiny if it’s on a stand. Blasted if it’s in your hand.


I like that 'doc. It’s like you went off the top in a zone for a second. Nice work! :wink:

I have to go with blasted. It feels so much better in your hand, and gives you a nice grip on the yo-yo. From a more artistic perspective, I take a lot of yo-yo photos, and a more matte finish looks so much better in photos. When it’s shiny, the light is bouncing off it everywhere, and it’s harder to get a good shot. When there is a nice splash pattern on a blasted yo-yo, it just seems to have a lot more depth.

Maybe the catch zone is blasted, then everything else is polished is the best for both worlds.

this would be ideal I think

yes, like the Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist. Fantastic blasted catch zone and rims for grinds, shiny cup for catching the light. I’m sure there are other throws just like this, but, I own a Monkey Fist so, can speak from experience.



Shiny for looks, blasted for when I screw up and the yo-yo touches my hands (often)

for competition, 10000000000% i go with blast (i use the red cypher (dat blast doe), mmmmmm yum yum)

for everyday…looks at all the yoyos in his room that need to be put in the case…

my only polished throws are my 3a pair of magic t5s… :stuck_out_tongue:

my motto for yoyos is “if it spins and looks remotely interesting, sign me up”


If we prefer the blasted by such a wide margin, why are so many more yo-yos polished?

Do you think the cost of blasting them, and the increase in price as a result are just not worth it?
When you see releases that offer polished and blasted versions, which ones actually sell out first? For example, I remember the Exit 8 and First Blood Brother offered both options. I remember with the Exit 8, the blasted seemed to sell out first. But, I don’t remember there being a price increase for a blasted one, and blasted may have sold out first because of other factors like the blasted color options.

Blasted because General-Yo

it’s gotta be that the system is undermining our very understanding of happiness in yo. fight the system, man.

Preach! :smiley:

I like lightweight “fast” yoyos, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna buy the heavy ones. It’s the same logic really.

I think we got that far already. But, I asked a different question altogether.

I think it’s some kind of Raven syndrome. Shiny things just look so nice. I know it’s not as practical as a blasted throw, but when I see something like this:


That being said, you don’t see all that many yoyo companies doing polished yoyos. I think it’s a shame actually, I think more companies should start hopping onto that bandwagon.

This is purely my speculation and might be totally wrong - I think it’s partly because of Asia. Here are three points.

  1. Shiny yo-yos looks better on stage and because so many people there uses gloves on stage, lack of blasted surface doesn’t affect them. And kids just follow what their idols do on stage.

  2. In China, it seems people love shiny things. You can see many yo-yos comes with small mirrors or some decorative shiny rings. Their packaging has tone of shiny elements. So shiny surface just goes with it.

  3. Many top Japanese brands sells almost everything with shiny surface. Most Chinese brands were or still are selling everything shiny. Yoyofficer was same from beginning(only Brave had some blasted runs), I had to work hard to convince boss to change to blasted surface, because to me it was obvious that Europeans and Americans strongly prefer blasted surface.

Than of course price and time is factor. For example look on Duncan, I think Metal Racer is their first Chinese model to come with blasted surface since Metropolis. Budget line of C3? MOVE is first one to have blasting. Yoyofficer Pause also comes just shiny, first run of Kilter’s was also shiny.

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shiny looks cheap

What about the bi-metals with blast finish and polished rims? Best of both worlds!