Onedrop Machined list?


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I seem to recall something being said on here about a list being compiled of all the yoyos Machined at Onedrop which aren’t Onedrop brand yoyos. I have tried searching but with no luck.

Was ever such a list compiled? If so I would love to see it, if not it would make a lovely fun little project for someone to do (not me though because I am a lazy so and so)

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There are two existing topics one and two. Summarizing those topics and adding some additional ones I know:

Yomega Prodigy
G Squared Albatross (others?)
Deadly Spins Wrath
Eternal Throw Elysian
Eternal Throw Victory
Toxic Hazmat
Anti-Yo Viszilla
Anti-Yo YWET
YoYoCommunity Spectrum SE
CLYW Chief
CLYW Arctic Circle
CLYW Canvas
Spencer Berry Walter
Duncan Mayhem
A-RT (everything?)
DocPop Executive

This is only stuff that was machined by OneDrop and I am not including collabs obviously, only stuff that was wholly released under a different brand.

Did we miss anything here @da5id and @The_Machinist?


Static Co. Sudo
G2 Nessie
A/rt X G2 Life

Those too.

Not the a/rt collabs, only the Life.

Feel like the Triton as well, but not :100: sure.

(Spinworthy Glen) #4

Pretty sure there’s load more than that list.

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I think some YYF’s too.

({John15}) #6

oh, and the MAYHEM! :wink:


Have you got/tried one? It looks tempting but maybe a little too much like The Parlay to warrent a purchase?

({John15}) #8

Nope, I haven’t tried one yet. It looks nice though!


MayheM is nothing like the Parley, not even close; unless you count the fact they’re both metal and machined by OD.

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(LJ) #10

Hmm… not that I’ve ever heard.


Thought the turntables were.

(LJ) #12

YYF quote “with the help of our local machine shop”.

It was made in the US though.

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Cool thanks for the info :slight_smile:


What I meant to say was, they’re both excellent yoyos with their own unique feel.

I personally think many people are missing out by not having a MayheM. If you can swing it, you most certainly should pick one up. The MayheM has a great feel in the hand, classic shape (I mean they designed the Butterfly) with some modern width. An awesome yoyo all around.


What about the OSTxA-RT LXIX (69)? That one looks and feels like the other A-RT offerings. Anyone know if that is OD machined?


Dude bro, please read the list I posted a bit closer :wink:

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No, only the Life was machined in the US.

OD has machined several Duncan’s. Also, to add to @codinghorror Anti-Yo list: SLCK-YWET, DRI-YWET, Bapezilla 2. Also, Doc Pop’s Weekender.

Pretty sure these also:
CLYW Avalanche
CLYW Bonfire
CLYW Borealis
CLYW Gnarwhal 2
CLYW Puffin 2
CLYW Sasquatch 2014
CLYW Wooly Marmot 2

({John15}) #19

Oh, would you look at that. :+1:

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they did all metal a-rts except the dk im pretty sure

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Yeah I got the impression pretty much all A-RT stuff (outside of freaky collabs) was machined by OD.