a question about CLYW

YES this does have to do with their prices

NO i am not asking why they are so expensive.

is it true that one drop yoyos manufactures all of the CLYW yoyos?

Not all. They have done several runs of the Chief.

Not all of their yoyos. But some.

Recently, yes. Other than the first run of Chiefs and maybe a few others here and there, but yeah the vast majority. Same with a lot of companies, though. Let’s just say if it wasn’t for OD there’d be far, far fewer yoyo companies out there…

Most would probably find other manufacturers. It’s not really that hard. One Drop is the most experienced with yoyos, and is willing to manufacture them at a good price. It’s a win win.

I am not sure it is that simple. OneDrop is more than just a machine-shop that makes yoyo for others. As well as a wealth of manufacturing knowledge - OneDrop knows how to MAKE yo-yos. That is extremely important for young companies that can’t afford a run of 50 or so “vibey” yo-yos; because the machine shop just did not have the skill or experience to know that yoyo-ers are a finicky bunch.

Obviously, yes, there are other shops that can do it as well as OneDrop, but for the risk that a young company takes with their investment $$ - OneDrop is a vital guarantee of manufacturing excellence.

Notice all the new little yoyo companies that are cropping up? If they were not assured that they had access to a high-quality, perfectionist AND ethical manufacturer - there would not be the number of risk-takers that there are. OneDrop is clearly a driving force in shaping the future of yoyo-ing.

oh really?! cool i’m excited to find out

You should be :wink:

But also, I know for a fact that the older CLYW throws are still made in Canada. The Avalanche, Sasquatch, Gnarwhal and Marmot I believe.

Pretty certain they don’t do General-Yo.

OD is like the big brother of the yoyo world in a Utopian society (not a jerk bully one)

they make for those who want them to, help those who dont, and provide the community with great throws of their own

as for answering the original question: yes, most if not all of the current CLYWs are made by OD

Who in the world said that?
There was talk of me using a machine over there.


hope all is well Ernie. havent heard from you in awhile

Oh yea I remember seeing something about that! Certified CNC machinist was it?

Yes it is true. One drop has done the machining on all of CLYW’s recent efforts. The majority of the runs of Chiefs, most the Canvas’s and the Arctic Circle as well. The One drop guys are Chris’s main machinists now. That’s why we have been seeing so many new runs of stuff from CLYW in the recent future instead of sporadic One-run-every-six-months releases like we used to see. It does however cost alot more to ship to, and from, the U.S. several times, (machining, then to another place to be anodized, then back to Canada to be finalized, THEN back to the U.S. and other places to be sold. Which i am sure is why we have seen the recent cost increase. Not to mention paying for the machining itself (which iam sure isn’t cheap).
Call me delusional, but I have noticed a substantial change in the smoothness department since OD has started machining them. My Newer Caribou’s don’t have the signature “CLYW vibe” like my older ones do. Which is just fine by me.
Has anyone else noticed that?

My bad. general yo and onedrop collaborated that’s all. pardon my confusion.

This was too perfect not to be planed…

the first person ever in YYE history to read between my words

i just put on a hat simply to tip it to you :slight_smile:

This is on our FAQ: http://www.cariboublog.com/?page_id=6658

With the exception of the 1st run of the Chief, all Chiefs have been made in USA by One Drop.