What relationship does CLYW have to OD?

I’ve heard that CLYW does all of its manufacturing in Canada, but I’ve also heard that OneDrop does some of their machining for them…And as far as I know OneDrop is based in Oregon?

Nothing against either manufacturer, I’m just a little confused on how OneDrop is involved with other manufacturers and how CLYW goes about production?

Thanks in advance!


CLYW does most of their machining through some canadian machining company. One Drop does CLYW’s Chief, though i’m not sure if it’s all their runs, or just a few.

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Chris used to have a machining job, and did CLYW’s machining by himself in Canada.

Chris quit his machining job, so he could further pursue his love for yoyoing, and CLYW, but a side effect of quitting his machining job was he had to get the CLYW stuff Machined at OD.

Chris recently found someone in Canada to use, because it is much cheaper as he doesn’t have to ship it out of Country.


Kids, it was in the summer of 2006 that I created you. Your Uncle One Drop was kind enough to help him for a small fee and that helped me sculpt you into the CLYW we all know today. I know Uncle One Drop doesn’t help us anymore but you still have to thank him.

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None of these are complete answers. I have the real answer directly from the CLYW site’s FAQ:
Q: Where are CLYW return tops manufactured?
A: Manufacturing return tops is tough business and it is hard to find a shop that is up for the challenge. Our friends, David and Shawn of One Drop, have been helping us out in a huge way. They do an amazing job manufacturing our return tops and we appreciate all of their hard work. Here is a break down for where each model is made:
Manufactured by One Drop in the USA: the Chief, Canvas, Arctic Circle
Canadian Made: Glacier Express, Avalanche, Sasquatch, Wooly Marmot, Gnarwhal, Bear vs Man, Campfire (retired models: Peak, Bassalope)