one drop!!

Why is one drop so freakin awesome?? I just got my first OD throw the other day (a 54) and pheww, smooooth. I found my new fav company. I can’t believe I haven’t bought one before now, I mean their shop is only an hour away from me. People, try OD if you haven’t before, you won’t be disappointed!

I’ve read up a little on them and that they are a made in the USA company, I think I want to move towards spending money on that type of company. I’m hoping to trade my 888 for a One Drop and try it out before I buy a new one.

They’re great man, truly. As soon as you pick one up you can tell that this is a company that CARES about their product. I’ve tried a lot of maufacturers and OD blows most outta the water in my opinion, (and I’ve been a YYF loyalist up til now) Every throw of theirs is just smooth. Plus, the side effects system is just plain cool. A worthwhile investment, and your supporting local business.

One drop makes some real quality yoyos. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t still try out other companies. A lot of the smaller companies make some truly fantastic work. I’ve recently tried a number of companies (general yo, ilyy, 3yo3, werrd, x3, and crucial) and I can honestly say I have been more than pleased with all of them.

But to get back on topic, one drop is amazing. :smiley:
The best performing yoyo I’ve ever used would have to be a code 1.

Yeah I’ve been a YYF loyalist too. All but 1 which is the DM2 I got from dynikus, have been YYF. Which I do like that DM2 a lot. However I’m starting to change some thoughts and opinions and want to expand into these other brands especially the made in america ones.

Yea, it seems to me that the most quality throws come out of the smaller companys. Maybe its because that Passion for it is still there.

1drop is the lexus of yoyoing, the 54 being the is300

In other words,

They’re legit.

what’s the lambo or ferrari?
bugatti? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cause Im talking about japanese presicion technology and consistency.

I drive an Acura, so I’ll compare them to that.

Lexus is just a Toyota with leather. Crap. Not a good comparison.

I’ve worked on alot of Lexus and they really are not that great! Very expensive to work on too!

But then again, every car has their problems.

Onedrop. Onelove. Oneworld.

Legit? You know it.

Yeah well too bad.
Make me change my mind.
Oh wait, you can’t.
Oh well.

Zammy, that almost sounded like a particular Bob Marley song, but 1drop’d
I like it.

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Then onedrop is a luxury car lol.

Nope sure can’t, your the “expert” lol

never heard of em