One Drop Yo-Yos Marquis {Merged}


The Marquis is our first yo-yo model to be released in a blind box. Limited to only 400 yo-yos, featuring a variety of finishes as well as five Titanium variants in the mix. They’re all sealed up and randomized so even we don’t know where they’re all going to end up! Imagine picking up a pack of your favorite trading cards, but instead of cardboard, you get a sweet playing yo-yo. With an assortment of finishes, you’re bound to find YOUR ultimate prize!

Remember when you thought all that math you learned in class wouldn’t help you in life? Think again! Here are the different editions and your chances of scoring them:

The yo-yo itself pays homage to the Halifax prototypes of years back with it’s undersized manner and angular design. The jewel-like look and feel inspired it’s name. It’s a nimble little gem, but with a profound presence on the string. It’s small enough to slide into your pocket when you’re going about your day, but big enough to shine when the moment is right.

Continuing our commitment to deliver great value, each sealed box will retail for $49. We understand how many hours of labor you guys have to go through to afford a new yo-yo. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed. You deserve a little break and some fun while you’re at it!

The anticipation in cracking one open is real. Will you be the one to own a Titanium Marquis? Only one way to find out. Good luck and enjoy!

*Titanium Marquis shares the same weight and profile as it’s aluminum counterpart, but has a redesigned inner cup, and takes 19mm Flow Groove.


Weight: 65.5 grams
Width: 38.9 mm
Diameter: 53.11mm
Stock Response : One Drop Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.6 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Tapped

Available worldwide starting September 9th 2016.


What’s the value on these going to be after they’ve sold out?


How is YYE supposed to know how quickly it will take the yeti 2’s to sell out and how is One Drop supposed to know what the resell value of these are going to be?


YYE from experience, OneDrop because it’s their yoyo and they know what it’s worth. I know that the Ti Marquis will not be resold at $50… ever.


One Drop only knows what they’ll be sold for. After they’re sold they have no control over how much they’ll sell for in the secondary market, it all depends on the community and how much demand there is for it. The moonshine for example, YYF and CLYW weren’t expecting them to be that high in demand but it turns out people really liked them so the resale value will likely be higher than they expected. One Drop can estimate just as well as you can on how much of their value it’ll retain but nobody knows until we get there.

And with YYE it also depends on the demand. You can predict how long it’ll take for them to sell out just as well as they can, it’s not a secret or particularly hard to estimate but its just an estimate. Nobody knows until we get there.

I just don’t think these questions are worth asking or need to be asked. Nothing’s certain, just go with the flow. If you like it, buy it.


^^^ what he said.

We have no idea about aftermarket values. We are too focused on the job hand to have time to watch the BSTs.

The answer is simple though: any thing is worth what someone will pay for it.

But yeah we thought this would be fun :slight_smile: Not really concerned about values.


I think it’s a great value, I might have to pick one up. Being able to sell splashes and titanium a for $49 along with the solids is pretty amazing :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for a OD bimetal though :wink:


I’m excited. The yoyo looks like a great undersized addition to any collection. $50 for a made in the USA metal is already an amazing price, even leaving aside the chance you might get a splash or a nickel-plated or a titanium one for that same price. These are going to be popular.


So it looks similar in size but just a hair wider and a hair shorter than the M1 ?


Focus on the secondary market values would be a weird way to run a business. That’s the land of sketchy real-estate and timeshare salesmen. “You will TOTALLY make money with this investment, bro!”


Haha right?


I think Zorro was asking what they will be sold for after the initial release, not what they’ll got for on the BST. SO he was asking what the Ti/splash/solid price will be individually.

To that point - I don’t think we can assume there will be a release after this one. Pick one up now for $50 and hope to get that titanium!


Only 400 are being made of this model ever and they are all being sold blind. It’s done - they are all made, packaged and mixed up and ready to head to stores. The only way to get a new Marquis is to buy one of the 400 blind boxes for $49.

Watch the video - it’s funny and goes into more detail.


This is a really cool idea. Can’t wait to see who gets the Ti versions!


Fantastic idea! I can’t wait till these drop!


Weight: 65 grams
Width: 35 mm
Diameter: 50 mm

Weight: 65.5 grams
Width: 38.9 mm
Diameter: 53.11mm


please do this again with 400 m1’s


M1 is officially retired :slight_smile: That little troublemaker holds a special place but we won’t be making more.

We’ll see how the Marquis does and if all goes well we will consider doing Blindbox again :slight_smile:

(The Yo mast3r) #19

Wish I can pick one up!


I am indeed very stoked for this release. Not only does the yoyo look dope but the whole premise behind it is awesome!!! Cheers to my homies at OD for always keeping it fresh, real and Made in the USA!!!

I cant wait to see what I get!! I am going to buy two! I am hoping for a green and Ti :wink: :wink: