Play the Odds with the new One Drop MARQUIS!

The Marquis the first One Drop model to be released in a blind box. Limited to only 400 yo-yos, featuring a variety of finishes as well as five Titanium variants in the mix. They’re all sealed up and randomized so no one knows where they’ll wind up, not even One Drop! Imagine picking up a pack of your favorite trading cards, but instead of some colorful cardboard you get a sweet playing yo-yo. With an assortment of finishes, you’re bound to find YOUR ultimate prize!

The yo-yo itself pays homage to the Halifax prototypes of years back with it’s undersized manner and angular design. The jewel-like look and feel inspired it’s name. It’s a nimble little gem, but with a profound presence on the string. It’s small enough to slide into your pocket when you’re going about your day, but big enough to shine when the moment is right.

One Drop always pushes to deliver great value, so each sealed box Marquis will retail for only $49! Just think about that, you have a chance to pick up a brand new Titanium yo-yo for only $49! The anticipation in cracking one open is crazy, it’s like scratching off a lottery ticket without the chance of losing because everyone gets an awesome yo-yo. Will you be the one to own a Titanium Marquis? Only one way to find out. Good luck and enjoy!

Releasing Thursday Sep 8th @ 11:59PM EST!

How many did you receive? I never even saw them available, despite being here when they dropped, and refreshing multiple times.

I am pretty sure they had over 100 in stock.

We had a little over 100 and they sold out in under 5 minutes. Crazy.

They sold out at like 12:16

I bought mine at 9 minutes after midnight. I believe the last one was gone at 12:16am

Anyway, very FAST and SUCCESSFUL sell out!

I got mine like 30 sec after midnight but kept checking just out of curiosity of how fast they’d sell out.

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