New One Drop MANTIS Blind Box Release!

This time the run will 600 units called The Mantis, featuring a selection of solid colors, classic fades, nickel plating and titanium. They’re sealed up just like the Marquis, so you won’t have a clue what you’re going to get until you get to that box yourself! We have increased the odds of getting a titanium over what it was with our first Blind Box (and increased the number of them from 5 to 10). We also increased the odds of getting a non-solid color overall.

Early civilizations believed the Mantis insect had supernatural powers. We’re not much believers in magic, but we do think that if you spend just the right amount of time with your Mantis, that hopefully, it’ll make your yo-yoing be much more on point. The Mantis is machined out of 7075 aluminum (except for the Titanium version), and features an organic H shape profile. It’s a deceptive little bugger once you get your hands all over it.

The Mantis is always going to be on the hunt for its next prey and there’s only one person that’s going to help it get there, YOU! Go find that bug net you got stored away in your explorer’s kit, these Mantis aren’t going to be lingering around for long!

Midnight Release! April 2nd @ 11:59PM EST!

Anyone have an idea if the center cup is dimpled in am the way?

I think thats a nipple, not a dimple, like on the Kraken.

Thanks! All late…
That’s what I thought the pic was showing I think I like those odds tho fingers crossed for a titanium

How many did yye have? As soon as it dropped It said there was only 100 in stock. Did they really get rid of 500 that quickly or did othe retailers get them too? I got one and I’m super excited but just wondering because that changes your chances of getting certain ones if they only had 100.

It is a very slight dimple

I checked at 9:05 and they were sold out :,(

It looks like there are more Mantis yo-yos available. Click “add to cart” before you enter the page that talks about the yo-yo (The add to cart shows up under the Mantis image)

Not seeing what you’re seeing. They are sold out! Did you try to buy one?

Now it is showing sold out. I had one in my cart (Just curious if it would work since I thought they were all sold) but I didn’t buy one because I’m tight on money.

I got a black one. It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s probably my new favorite. I also got a skyva and it’s fantastic as well.