one drop, One Drop and MOOAARRRR ONE DROP!!


HUUUUUGE Restock of a bunch of your favorite One Drop yo-yos in all new colors!

Royal Sunset GZR!

[b]GRADIENT:[/b] YoYoExpert and Dragon Slayer Edition!
[b]T1:[/b] Pancakes and Solid Colors!
[b]BENCHMARKS:[/b] Clear!

[b]Y-FACTOR:[/b] Solid Colors!

[b]DINGO:[/b] Solid Colors!
[b]CAFE RACER:[/b] Solid Colors!

(Owen) #2

Still no MMC tho


Supposed to come out the 30th i think



(Owen) #5

Ahhh alright thanks!


That Royal Sunset GZR Cascade has so much of my want!


Same here! Man, I’m real glad that OD does a great job at keeping the store stocked and always with new and exciting colorways! (hmm… I wonder why other big yoyo companies can’t be like this…)