One Drop Restock! Gradients, Benchmarks, & Side Effects!

One Drop just sent us some Gradients in great new colors and a restock of solid Benchmarks and Side Effects!


Black Knight!

Partly Snowy!


New Solid Colors!


These were made in Japan, right?

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Eugene, Oregon, JP.

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Eugene, Oregon is located in the US :wink:

Partly Snowy may be my favorite colorway that I’ve seen recently. Sweet stuff.

That parking bumper is GORGEOUS. The new colorways are pretty cool as well. :wink:

I do hope that Onedrop wasn’t affected by those floods that just hit Japan:

Stay safe lads. Put all the bi-metal protos on the highest shelves. ;D

Those foam cubes probably float, they should be alright.

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Is there anything those cubes can’t do? They’re the swiss-army-knives of the yoyoing world. ;D

:-\ Still no RSM’s :-\ I know, I know…they’re too hard to make :stuck_out_tongue: