One Drop Top Deck restock

I am looking for a One drop competition throw: (long spin time, good stability, good gap), and I heard that top deck is one of the best one drop. However, it is currently out of stock, except they sell the Downbeat color at another store for 100$ (don’t like that color very much). Does any of you guys know if and when One Drop will make another batch of Top Deck again? Also what are other One Drops that are very competition oritend? I heard Kuntosh 5k qv is gud but it’s more a fun throw rather than a compettiive throw?

I don’t own a top deck, but I think given the shape, I think the kuntosh is probably a better performer for competition.

Unfourtantely, Kuntosh 5k qv is out of stock as well…

I have one mint if you’re interested, no pressure.

The 5k qv version? What color is it, and does it vibe?

If I was going to compete, I would use the Top Deck over the Kuntosh. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both, but the Top Deck has a friendlier shape IMO and is an absolute performance beast.


Do you know any other One Drop yoyos that’s good for compeititon?

Vtwo is very performance driven, still some in stock here on YYE I believe.


Agreed. In fact, the VTWO is my favorite yoyo of all time.


I saw the shape of VTWO and I am quite interested in it. How would you compare it compared to the Top Deck? Is it faster and more stable?

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In my hands they are equivalent in terms of speed, stability, and overall performance. They differ primarily in shape. A lot of people shy away from V shapes, and so I usually steer them towards the Top Deck. But if you like V-shaped yoyos, then there is no reason not to go with the VTWO (instead of the Top Deck), IMO.

However, you must understand that I do not compete, nor am I even remotely skilled enough to even try, so take my “recommendation for competition” with a grain of salt.

The vtwo is a tool. It’s there to help you develop. The vtwo is a solid choice.

Thanks for your reply. Why don’t most people like V shapes? (sorry I am kind of new and am not very gud at understanding shape size differences). I have a par avion (not a compeititon throw) but I think it is V-shaped and I really like it. It might be because it is super large and is quite stable. The only downside of it is that it doesn’t spin very long. I also have a dang2, which people call it a mixture of shapes. While it is kind of stable, I think it sort of lacks on spin time.

Also, why do most people praise One Drop’s top deck and kuntosh 5k qv so highly? I searched around on the Internet on people’s preferred/favorite one drop, and top deck and kuntosh 5k comes up very frequently. I have never thrown either one myself, but the shapes of both yoyos seems kind of odd to me to be great performers. They seems kind of flat, and I don’t get how these 2 yoyos can have such a good performances.

One Drop is also releasing a new yoyo - Free Solo this month, and I am thinking of getting one. The shape looks sort of like a summit. But it also looks sort of top deck/kuntosh 5k. Have you ever tried a summit, and do you think it is a good yoyo? And what’s your opinion on this new yoyo?

Honestly, the Top Deck is a freak of nature. It doesn’t look like it should have so much performance, but it does. I think a lot has to do with the fact that it has very thin walls and a lot of the weight is deceptively pushed to the rims. They really made the most of the 7075 aluminum on that one.

The Kuntosh is a strange one. It is kinda big and blocky, but if you can get used to that it has spin and stability for days, just like the Top Deck. I’m not sure why anyone would prefer the Kuntosh over the Top Deck as I think the Top Deck has a far more comfortable shape and size, but that’s just me.

From what I can tell, the Summit isn’t quite so rim-weighted, making it less competition-capable, at least by today’s standards. And the Free Solo seems to be designed along these lines as well. The only other One Drops that I can think of with the kind of performance you find with the VTWO, Top Deck, and Kuntosh are the Rev.1 and Format:C.

VTWO, Virtuoso, and Kuntosh


How does the virtuoso play compare to the VTWO? Which one do you think I should go for if I can only pick one?

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Thanks, I’ll probably get a VTWO since top deck aren’t available (sigh). I am quite suprised that the solid colors starts at 100$. I still want to get a Top Deck later though, do u think One Drop will restock them?

BTW, have u ever played virtuoso? If yes, would u prefer it over the VTWO?

VTWO has blasted finish, is a bit better at grinds/ fingerspins, and has more power and stability.

Virtuoso has more character, feels better in the hand and on the catch, and is overall more fun. It also plays lighter and would be more comfortable to play for extended periods.

If you want raw power and performance go VTWO.

If you want elegance and fun, but still VERY capable go Virtuoso.

Can’t go wrong either way really.

Happy yoyo!

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I do not compete either. The Top Deck is the most comfortable and best performing yoyo I have purchased since 2015.