First one drop

I’m thinking about getting a one drop, what is a must get that is in stock at YYE

  1. VTWO
  2. Top Deck
  3. Kuntosh

(I like the Kuntosh 5000QV a tiny bit more than the regular Kuntosh, but the 5000QV isn’t in stock.)

I should mention that I favor high-performance yoyos which is why the above are my top three One Drop choices.


The Kuntosh is a good option. Terrarian and Legendary Terrarian will be releasing later today also. Any of them would be a good choice - Good all around shape/performance and you get to experience side effects, which imo is one of the main reasons I love One Drop.


the terrarian is awesome and as @YoYoExpertGarrett said there are some dope colors releasing soon


I really like the Sugar Glider, but it is a little specialized with its wide shape, and so maybe not the best first choice. I like the Terrarian too, and it is more of a usual dimension.

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I just bought the Top Deck a week ago and I’m looking forward to it, well i also bought the standard flow groove not the slim ones, so I’m kind of scared that it would be too responsive on the Top Deck since the slim 19mm are the one recommended for this yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: which me luck.
I would recommend to get a Top Deck since it’s literally appraised by every thrower.

the one drop website also has intros in stock in many colors, and this is a phenomenal one drop at a great price


Luckily you won’t need to replace the pads on the Top Deck for some time. Plenty of time to get the 19mm slim pads. Hang onto those standard flow groove pads for when you get another One Drop. :smiley:


What if I use them on my Top Deck? I just bought 2 packs of 4 ( 8 pads )
I don’t think I will buy for a long time lol

They won’t fit properly, I’m afraid.

Great hahahahahah

They’re all great but all different, are you going for organic, undersized, h-shaped, floaty?
what type of style are u aiming for?


I personally didn’t fall in love with my vtwo, it is a competition stylized throw and to me and my playing abilities I find it to be a bit sterile. If I was going to get my first od with what is currently available I would lean toward a or a sugarglider. I think both play way over the price paid and I think they showcase what one drop does well on the design side of things. This is where my lack of love for the vtwo comes in, I don’t think it really stands out among competition throws at its price point. If you want something more competitive friendly I would take a top deck over a vtwo. My 2 cents! Fantastic products no matter what direction you go!


Something kinda in between chill and competitive, a little more floaty

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None of my suggestions will satisfy a floaty, chill style of play unless you sort of force them to. Throws like the Virtuoso or Dang 2 might be more your thing.

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The gauntlet really impresses me, it’s organic but it’s wider so you can push it, but you may not be going for wide.
Virtuoso is amazing its more floaty, and has a rounded h shape kinda like the top deck, but not as organic. And then yea, everyone raves about the top deck, I’ve never tried it but hopefully, I will soon,

top deck and virtuoso are 7075, so the gauntlet is cheaper, but they’re all great.

some people weren’t too big on the fat tire, but its one of my favorites, it really comes down to preferences, I would check specs, but even those don’t dictate play sometimes.


Me too! So powerful and stable!


I agree with the Gauntlet! I’m not big into organics but the Gauntlet really performs well and is a lot of fun at the same time!


SugarGlider, Dang 2.

Choosing one of those, the Dang 2. AL7 allday.


Hey, the terrarian just got restock !! You can look into that as well