one drop stack ideas.

pawn stacks anyone? that and bullet stacks. post some ideas for stacks you would like to see on a onedrop or hubstack p.s. I know its a bbyy.

Nickel stacks or some other sort of magnetic metal would do.

Why magnetic you ask?

Because they come with yo-yo gloves with little magnets in the fingers so you can grab them better and do some crazy upside down tricks or whatever else those kids manage to come up with

you sir are a genius, but wouldn’t it be better to just put one magnet on the back and front of the palm? because depending on the size of the magnet having it on the fingers may feel weird or get annoying.

Poker chips like a kind of Z-stack thing.

I just glued them to it but it would be cool if they were stacks…

Well since we’re talking in “what-if’s,” or at least I am, I’d say just make them out of some sort of magnet thread or something :wink:

Realistically, I have no idea how thin a magnet capable of holding a yo-yo’s weight would be, but I imagine around say…2mm? I’m envisioning small magnets on the pointer and thumb which are the fingers I catch stacks on. Doesn’t seem like it’d be too intrusive if you ask me. Kinda like having a dime on those fingers.
Friggen magnets. How do they work?

Some people made magnetic stacks for two yoyos, and they started messing around with 3a, the yoyos connecting via the stacks, allowing both yoyos to continue spinning.

That just sounds extremely bad***
How did that not catch on? >:(

well, you wouldn’t want to magnetize a bearing :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a friend to magnetized his… that was worse than a dirty bearing

ooh do tell

man thoes magnetic stacks are sounding more and more awesome, quick change of subject does clyw still sell horn stacks?

Ceramic bearings? I’d imagine they’d be far enough away from the bearings that it wouldn’t effect them but I don’t know for sure.

@pinhead: I don’t believe CLYW made/sold those (could be wrong), if they’re what I’m thinking about I think those are RiceRocket’s creation


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I remember also seeing rim cover that allowed to yoyo to continue spinning when you held it in your hand somewhat like the jazz-yo Saturn rims, I forgot who were making them I think it was yoyojam. I must say I would have piled that to have been released, that and bacon stacks! lol find something and put stack infront of its name and it shall be done!

I think this is what you were talking about.

yes, that is exactly it. but i still wonder why they aren’t being sold now since they were made back in 08.

I don’t know, I thought they looked cool too and was dying to try one and still am.

I get the magnets in the glove - or on the yoyo itself.
How do you let go? ???

they would have to make the yoyo out of iron, nickel, or cobalt… that would be to expensive, so you can forget magnets. Hurrah for a buzzkill!

They were a bad idea, and they caused major vibe and low spin times. You can still find them on the BST, but they’re few and far between.

if your really desperate aoda sells a bootleg one called the photon spirit