one drop stack ideas.

what so you mean buzzkill? didn’t you see the video? its been done already. so did I buzzkill a buzzkiller?

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Why would the yo-yo have to be made out of that? Aluminum isn’t magnetic, and you don’t want the yo-yo body to be magnetic, just the stacks

Magnetic would be friggin sweet. and if you got Magnetic Disc Implants in your hand. ;D ;D . you seriously can get magnetic implants. i know a guy with them, thatd be so like… “whoooooaaaa” if caught the yoyo with your finger and it continued spinning

Or… an electrically induced magnetic field of sorts so you can pick up and let go? Or better yet, on both hands, and with the whole yoyo being magnetic, so you can suspend it between your hands and push it around and all that. Although the spacing would be hard to do.

that’s called hubstacks

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magnetic disk implants are fun when you get an MRI. They would either be pushed through your hand or just ripped straight out O_O’’

they should make a yoyo with a weighted bearing, so if you hold the yoyo to stop it, the bearing continues spinning. Hard to get the bearing to spin long though. maybe put magnets in yoyo side that use magnetic acceleration to accelerate the rim of the bearing.

Yea i know not likely, but seriously, most of the other suggestions aren’t either ;D ;D

I really just want them to make some super stable z-stack style side effects. That’s the main reason I bought my 54

actually that idea already works. take a offstring, throw it miss and the bearing is still spinning when the yoyo is done. but its not restartable