i really bad want a yoyo with stacks z stacks hub stacks rice stacks whatever i just really want a mettle yoyo that spins really long and can have stacks Thanks. ;D

What do you want us to do? We aren’t going to give you one. Are you looking for specifics? What level of yoyoer are you? Best Bet I’d say PGM.

You’re gonna use stacks for 10 minutes and then you’re never going to use them again.

But, if you really want to blow some money on a yoyo with stacks, just got with an 888. It’s still a great yoyo when you take off the stacks.

Now that you know what you want, do what is needed to get it:

  1. Find some way to earn some cash.
  2. Find the yo you really want.
  3. Share the idea with family as a gift idea.
  4. Sell something so you have the cash.
  5. Trade something for the yo you want if possible.

Just some ideas off the top.
Good Luck

I was thinking the exact thing while I was reading this post. :smiley:

Me too, except the OP said “mettle”.

The PGM is a great throw, not too expensive and if you can get your hubstacking fix off of that, there’s plenty of stuff in higher price brackets.

I have a PGM. I like it. I don’t have interest in the stacks right now, but in time, when the mood hits me, it’s there waiting for me.

I wish that so many beginners didnt just go right for the stacks. So over-rated. A: You Dont need them to have fun with a yoyo. B: They just get boring fast

Trolling statement removed.


Lol Josh your hillarious! :slight_smile:

If you want to spend some money on a good yoyo i suggenst getting the G5 my friend got it and it has really good Z stacks plus it spins super long.