A new idea for a yoyo....

  So I've been thinking about this idea for a yoyo for a while, and decided to post it here so I could get some others' thoughts. Anyways, you now how some yoyos have spikes on them, that are used for the "matador" style of play? What if a yoyo had spikes that extended slightly out of the cup of the yoyo? It wouldn't extend very far, but it would be enough to spin on an arm or other body part like a top. Of course, you'd have to add a lot of rim weight to balance out the center weight that the spikes would add. I was also thinking that it could be made in the form of extra long spike Side Effects, if you didn't want to buy a whole yoyo. I came up with this idea because I've been watching videos of fingerspin being done, and thinking about whether it could be done somewhere other than a finger. What are your thoughts?


Love it. Thought about it myself for a little moment when I was sticking matador spikes on my own design.

You may not have to add too much rim weight depending on how you’d actually design them. Like the way stunt peg side effects are but spike shaped instead. Add a bit of a cutoff near the rim and it might be fine.


Anyone else?


So is your idea to make a yo-yo just meant to use these spikes or a new pair of side-effects that could be used in all SE yo-yo’s?

Because if it’s the first option, you would just make the spikes part of the yo-yo, yes? Would the spikes be made of aluminum?

It’s a good idea, no doubt.


Sorry I wasn’t too clear in the first part. What I meant was it could be done as a pair of Side Effects OR a whole new yoyo. So yes, the spikes would probably be made out of aluminum.


I’ve seen plastic, responsive yoyos like this. Look up active people.


I looked it up, and it looked awesome, but there were a few differences from what I was thinking of. For one thing, I meant mine to be unresponsive, probably with modern weight placement factored into the design. Also, I doubt that the plastic hubs would spin very well on the body, which was primarily the kinds of tricks I was thinking of.


You mean like what Willie was doing with Spiked Difs back in 2005?


I don’t know, I don’t know who this “Willie” is, and I wasn’t yoyoing in 2005.


I think YYN sold some really huge, really sharp matador spikes that fit on the nipples of OG avalanches.


I thought of this once, looking at a YYF Big Deal and thinking "What if those were spikes?


Are you talking about the spike stacks made by Ricerocket, or something else… because a rubber/plastic spike that you could pop onto a CLYW hub would be awesome. There is a video of a guy on youtube with “tusks”(modified Ricerocket “spacks”) for his Gnarwhal, which I think is a great idea.

I like spikes. I don’t know if I would want them to extend beyond the rim, but I would be interested to see what could be done with them.


I always thought it would be cool if a yoyo was made so that a bearing would slide into the yoyo, and the axle would go trough the bearing.




One of the first (and best) of the modern game to disappear into obscurity.  Evidently, forgotten by today’s players…


That wasn’t quite what I was thinking of, but still pretty cool.


This was actually done a while back


That looks a lot like what I’ve been thinking of… Could you maybe give more info.


On a side note, that’s a sick paint (I’m guessing its paint) job.


I’m pretty sure that’s a dye job, and I believe the person who did the mod was like purplehippo or something.