Weighted hubstacks!

i have an idea. make hubstacks out of heavier materials other than plastic! it would work like side effects. what do you guys think!

Well, hubstacks suck in the first place IMO and making them heavier would probably just cause vibe. All my hubstacked yoyos have the hubstacks removed.

Except my 07 888 Classic, I can’t get them off. Don’t give me any suggestions please, I know, I’ve tried it all. For years.

As SR said, hubstacks suck, so why bother. They’re a neat gimmick at their best.

Plus, why would you want to add center weight? Isn’t that forbidden in today’s market? Maybe I’m just a rim weight stickler. Every OD I’ve ever thrown has played better for me with AL ultralights.

Break them.

Maybe make them to replace the whole bearing?

I don’t get the hate about hubstacks. Personally, I like options. I just can’t really fathom how to best utilize them in play. However, I have several hubstacked yoyos and plans to get some more. Why? It’s nice to have options readily available. I just got a Superstar off BST. I could care less about the stacks, as I like how the yoyo plays. I intend to get Z-stacks for this yoyo.

But, onto your question:

Stacks are essentially moving parts. The first part to understand is that more moving parts, the higher likelihood of vibration. Making them bigger and/or heavier means more chance for more vibe.

The second part is less critical. Let’s say we make the stacks out of metal. Stacks are made of plastic so they can have a little flexibility to snap over the bearing on the stack post or scroew. There’s many ways to resolve this issue, either via a plastic inner portion, or a split and a ring to prevent it from coming apart. I’m sure other methods could be explored.

The bigger part is where and how the weight is added. It’s mostly going to be in the center. Of course, side effects impact the weight in mostly the center. Different shapes can be made to alter where and how the weight is distributed. One Drop’s disc side effects actually push the weight away from the center and out to the rims a bit. I have a set installed in my Code 2 and I really like how it performs this way. But, again, we’re talking about a static item. A weighted Z-stack is going to spin and as a result will vibrate anyways, unless the item is in perfect balance and so is the stack bearing AND the stack post is perfect and the throw is perfect. How bad will it vibrate? Hard to say. It could be anywhere from barely noticeable to “vibe-obsessed whine-a-holic”, or even cause wobble.

Back to a few yoyos:
My PGM: as smooth as you can realistically expect from a plastic yoyo.
My MoMentuM: Nice and smooth.
My SuperStar: Again, very smooth. Stock.
My Magic YoYos: T9,T10, N9: The stacks are noisy and they cause vibe. The side stacks are extremely noisy, which I contribute in part to the bearings. Also, I have the full sized side stacks and I can see inconsistencies in the plastic.
Audley Photon Spirit, which has over-sized stacks that wrap around the rims, but this yoyo was designed with this in mind. Unexpectedly smooth despite the large extra spinning surfaces.

Even weight rings aren’t perfect. You’d think since they don’t move they’d be fine, but my experience is weight rings cause vibe too, even on weight rings supplied with the yoyo by the manufacturer.

I just don’t think doing this via stacks would be a good way to go.

WOW! never thought of it that way. what about a metal “sleeve” of sorts to go around the stack post.

hubstacks are the only way to yoyo in zero gravity :smiley: check out the video on yoyoskills. Anyways, I have tried weighting hubstacks. The yoyo starts out stable, but gradually vibes out after a few seconds.

Don’t forget:
There’s the stack post or screw/bolt(depends on how the yoyo is made)
The bearing for the stack to sit on.
Some sort of retainer for the bearing, either a rubber ring or some other securing method
Then finally the stack snaps over that.

Now you’re just going with a side-effects type concept. You’re removing the bearing. Now the issue is making sure that this weight doesn’t move as well as ensuring it stays put. Making the center open will allow access to the securing system and shouldn’t be much harder to remove than the existing method.

A non-functional hubstack could work. At the same time, there’s more to adding weight than just adding weight. It’s where the weight goes and now it’s distributed, as well as how this may affect access to performance features, such as IRG rings, which is typically not an issue on stacked throws. Not having working stacks isn’t a big deal because they are an optional use item anyways.

As far as I can tell, the point of a hubstack is that they spin independently from the yoyo, and weight that’s spinning adds to gyroscopic stability, and if it isn’t spinning, it doesn’t. So to have weighted hubstacks that aren’t spinning at the same velocity as the yoyo, would not only add possibility for vibe (would guarantee it, actually, but ideally it’s only “possible”) but would also impart what I can only describe as “gyroscopic interference.” I mean to say, with two (or three, depending if the hub stacks are spinning at the same speeds [yoyo, and two hubstacks make 3]) different spins, you have multiple gyroscopic forces at work interfering with each other, and unless they happen to synchronize, you spin out.

tl;dr: extra weight, spinning at different speeds, adds crazy physics that make it go wobbly.

Weighted hubstacks are a terrible idea, the heavier the hubstacks, the more weight is in the center of that yoyo, not only that, the spin time would be reduced since the hubstacks are now heavier and spin at a different rate than the yoyo itself, this was basically the problem with the YYJ Synergy.

that’s practically what I just said.

Sorry didn’t really read through the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys for telling me the physics of it all :wink: i guess in the end its not a good idea.

I actually got landon balk to do this for me a coupple of months ago. they are round wheghts that go right on the hubstack posts instead of bearings. i have a coupple of different weights. because theres no bearing it works just like side effects

The madhouse epic had something sort of like this. They pretty much made metal zstacks. I tried to of them and they both had major wobble because if the stacks

A friend of mine has a Madhouse Epic. I have one being held for me. I found them to be extremely smooth.

Now, the Magic YoYo N9 and T9 and T10 with full stacks, wow, they can be vibey. They do smooth out. Dark cheap bearings on the stacks. I need to remove them and clean them and see what a different it may make. They aren’t A-sized bearings and when you grab the stacks they squeal and whine. Kinda cool at first, then quickly gets annoying.

ya i have a first run one and it vibes like crazy especially right at the point where the tatas catch up

It seems pointless to put weight in the center.

Whats the point of them if there’s no point to it why have them if it only makes yo-yoing harder let alone grinds