Once in a lifetime yo-yo collection for sale, California locals only

It’s… a long story… but I may have gone a bit too hard into my yo-yo hobby from 2018-2020. Based on the pandemic and current events I am re-evaluating my approach to life and trying to liberate myself from so much… stuff.

I’m looking for a serious collector in California to drive to where I live (roughly Berkeley, CA) and buy all these in person for a fraction of what they cost.

This post is me trying to gauge interest by posting some initial pics. :warning: NO I AM NOT SELLING ANY INDIVIDUAL YO-YOS. Please don’t ask. Either you take them all, in person, or not at all.

I’m thinking ~$2500 takes all of these (I reserve the right to keep about 5 or 6 of my choice for sentimental reasons), but you have to come to me, in person, to buy and collect them here in California.

A rough estimate … there are 6 × 4 = 24 slots in each storage container, 6 of which are definitely fully doubled up with two yo-yos per slot, so … in total… 24 × 6 × 2 = 244 yo-yos, plus five more storage containers so 5 × 24 = 120.

244 + 120 + 32 + x = ~500 yo-yos. Maybe a bit more. And of those there are at least 12 titaniums (such as the titanium hummingbird, titanium shutter, titanium shutter wide angle, titanium rook, titanium castle… multiple luftverks… etc). Some of these are quite rare and expensive, just the G squared section that is visible (and there’s some impressive stuff behind those) should tell you what’s up.

At $2500 / 500 that is ~$5 per yo-yo so… a pretty compelling deal.

Feel free to share this post wherever you like (facebook, reddit, etc) but bear in mind:

  • I am only selling ALL of them, ALL at once, to ONE buyer. Don’t even ask for individual sales. It ain’t happening. Sorry.

  • You must come to me in California to pick them up in person, and again, I’m near Berkeley, CA. There will be no shipping. This is not negotiable.

Would love to see these go to a good home. :hugs:


so many gems here : (


Just a thought, but consider contacting the National YoYo Museum. I guesstimate they are about 3 hours away from you. Pretty sure they would qualify as a serious collector in California.


Sure, if the yo-yo museum wants them I am fully game for that! Let’s make it happen! Connect me with the right people!


Also I’m going to give this a week before deciding anything, because I want these to go to the best possible “home”. Feel free to make proposals, but bear in mind that I will be kinda selective here in determining which outcome is best for the community… for example, I don’t want this to end up in the hands of someone who’s just gonna turn around and re-sell everything in pieces to turn a profit. That’d be a bummer :confused:

It’s not about the money. It was never about the money.


I see you also have an unopened can of brawndo as I do. I plan on drinking it the night of the apocalypse.


If someone goes for this, let me know! there are quite a few of my grails here…!

I’m reading this as that the sale is supposed to go to someone who would be willing to take care of the collection rather than to sell off grails to individuals. I think the National Yoyo Museum would be the safest bet.


Is that a serious post? If it is, I come. But I don’t want to waste 1h drive each way to find out this was a joke post.


@codinghorror wouldn’t mess around with this type of thing.


I am the best home. :sweat_smile:


He definitely wouldn’t. Jeffs a straight shooter and is serious about what he posts.

This is one amazing deal for whomever is the lucky person to get it.


The real question is what are the top 6? Noticed how you couldn’t keep it at just 5, because there is always 1 more.


No flying out from Toronto to pick up? :smiley:

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California only…? Really my brother you know me the Rock… I’m in Illinois man… but I will drive or crawl to California for that prize!!!
$2501.00 is my bid…
Geez someone is gonna get a real treasure!


:thinking: Hmm, I haven’t been to California yet.


Well then, if this is serious, I can come. Tomorrow. Or even right now. Some would go to a museum as suggested. And some to kids. And wow, fitting 2 layers of yoyos in the Michaels soda crate, this just blows my mind!! Such a good - and dangerous - idea!!


OK I’ve added pics of the “reversed” sides of the 6 display boxes, where I took the front yo-yo and swapped it with the back one. See the first post :point_up_2:

Some of the other boxes also have two yo-yos in each slot.

As I said, I’m giving this a week to find the best home for all these, so if I don’t respond to you immediately, rest assured I have read your message… just taking time to decide what the best outcome is here.


Just wanted to hop in on this thread and say this is the craziest thing I’ve seen on this forum, and I joined back in 2009 lmao… hope these go to a very good home where they’ll be appreciated.


I feel honored to have part of your collection…the Alta half-swap! You sent it to me in 2018. Awesome throw!

I’ll never give that up! Great memory.
Edit: and the Horizon half-swap!