Okay, this just bugs me.

People keep typing “sneak PEAK”, when the correct phrase is in fact “sneak PEEK”. Even YYE does it on their release announcements. This just annoys me, haha. The only way I would accept this is if Chris from CLYW was doing another run of Peaks and did this to drop a hint.


It sfunny how some people are ticked by all the little things I usually dont even notice :smiley:

You gotta love sneak peaks though ;D

Haha I believe there’s a twitter account with the name “Stealth Mountain” that calls people out on that

the “sneak peak” for a secret sneaky run of Peaks is one of the most clever things ever

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Other annoyances -

I couldn’t care less

Annoys me, it should just be, I could care less.

and how people think using the word “irregardless” is fancy, when it’s not. Just use “regardless” it will mean the same thing and you will sound smarter.


But no matter what grammar nazi’s say, languages are fluid and constantly changing. Dialects are not to be made fun of but to be embraced. I subscribe to the Oxford English Dictionary school of thought that languages should be allowed to change.

I’m just plain bugged about being bugged at the buggedness of this thread.

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Actually the phrase was originally “I couldn’t care less” meaning I care so little that it’s impossible to care any less. Somehow in the USA this changed to “I could care less”, which doesn’t really make much sense to me as if you could care less, then you must care somewhat.

Outside of the USA we still use the original phrase and many (me included) found the version used in the States kinda annoying and silly.


I generally tend to agree , and never really put much thought into these things unless it gets pointed out to me, then every time I see or hear it , it becomes like an itch in my skull that I can’t scratch.

Also: relevance -



Actually, this is what I get for thinking I can hurry up and make a witty post before having sufficient amounts of coffee. I should ( and actually did ) know better, my statement was indeed backwards. Oh well.


Your loved ones say I could care less, that means they CAN care less, they care at least somewhat… If they say I couldnt care less, that means you CANT care less, you dont care at all… That the point of the statement…

I dont get wh some people think its I could care less…

Well, it bugs me this thread is in “General Yo-Yo Forum” when it ought to be in “Unrelated Discussion”.

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Yeah that bugs me too!

I couldn’t care less. ;D


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Well, it looks like this Peak was pretty sneaky.

There are no dialects of English…

There’s American and normal. Only two dialects.

Wikipedia begs to differ.


You sure aboot that?

Technically, I guess it might be, but there are really only a few changes. We have a few different words, and different accents, but it’s not really a dialect. Even compare two “Dialects” of English, American English and British English. We understand each other perfectly, and there is no change in grammar, only an accent and a few vocabulary changes.

Compare French to Spanish. Or Italian to Romanian; they are all dialects of Latin, and one cannot understand one of the others clearly. Or High German vs regular German. Full of differences.