Your vs. You're

(Victorian YoYos) #1

Well your not wrong…

Contest: design your dream colorway, with prizes, ends 3/5
(Choncworth) #2

** you’re


(Victorian YoYos) #3

My bad, I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention as my kitten was terrorizing me.

(Choncworth) #4

You’re good, I just had to.

(Victorian YoYos) #5

Don’t you mean ‘your’ :wink:

(Choncworth) #6

Nope, I mean you are good, **you’re.

Would be **your good job, or your good something.

You are = you’re


big oof

(Choncworth) #8

(Victorian YoYos) #9

I know I was just playing… RIP

(Victorian YoYos) #10

Guess I need to figure out how to be more sarcastic

(Choncworth) #11

Yea Sarcasm can get lost in print.

Anywho, good luck people! Let’s see some cool, unique, and original colorways!!!

({John15}) #12

Use /s at the bottom of something to denote sarcasm.

For example:

“Don’t you mean your?”


(Victorian YoYos) #13

Ooooooo I’ll have to use that


Nah fam I’d rather not say “SARCASMMM” after saying something

({John15}) #15



If somebody is dim witted enough to not recognize when I am being sarcastic; then why would I assume he was sharp enough to know what ‘/s’ stands for?


({John15}) #17

Ooooh doc. You’re such a silly goose


The first time I saw you use /s I thought it was your sign off.

({John15}) #19

Nope. I don’t use a sign off.


I thought it was along the lines of SMH. And yea, im not using /s if im being sarcastic, I agree with andy569 on this one. If people and there dense minds can’t understand, then their the ones who are going to have to figure it out.