A quick english spelling lesson

there |ðe(ə)r| in, at, or to that place or position

their |ðe(ə)r| belonging to or associated with the people or things previously mentioned or easily identified

they’re |ðe(ə)r| a contraction of they are.

I see these words being used interchangeably here quite a bit and they truly shouldn’t be as they have completely different meanings. A sentence like; “I really prefer the Arctic Circle over a Genesis because there just a lot smoother and have a longer spin time. They’re bearings are a lot better too. Would you like to try my Arctic Circle, it’s over their.” becomes quite a challenge to decipher.

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Wow, thanks for that Soviet Locust. I could watch that video 100 times and not absorb all the teaching therein. (Especially the conclusion about why the sky is blue, I fell off the wagon on that early on.)

This video should be a required orientation for each new member of YYE before their first post.

(And you just know Gregory House would have been a real stickler about this type of thing.)

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Abby, that was funny as well as educational. That’s the way I like to learn.


Also, I didn’t watch abby’s video yet…but from the thumbnail, It seems as if a certian word is being used as a curse word… Again, haven’t watched it yet, but just saying what it looks like.

Of course you’re right there my friend. I was hoping to let that just slip by. Unfortunately it’s right up there in the preview shot.

BTW, given the theme here, it’s “certain”. I know you already knew that however.

you know what they say about those who correct “their they’re there” right?


Actually, no I don’t.

I normally don’t mind people making (many) spelling and grammar mistakes as long as their trying there best and their understandable. However, it appears that they’re are some people that aren’t giving they’re spelling and grammar any effort, which really just makes there posts a chore to read.


Precisely Jake. It is actually my reputation to act as an advocate for those who struggle with spelling and grammar. I strongly support the inclusion of all without judgement when they’re putting their best effort forward. However it seems lately it may just be more apathy and carelessness than anything else and I find that frustrating.

Wait, I just caught the irony in your post there. Point well taken.

The sentence at the end would’ve pissed me off so badly if it wasn’t in this thread. But thank you, I always feel like a grammar nazi when I correct that.

Oh how I <3 this thread! :slight_smile: 8)