You hate when someone says. Not username someone. Lol.

Doesn’t have to be yoyo related can be anything.

I hate when people say peace not that I don’t like peace but just when they say.

I don’t like when people say “excape” instead of “escape”.

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I don’t know why but in just the last few weeks, I have heard people say “excape” over and over. I’d never noticed it before a couple weeks ago, but now it’s been happening nonstop and it irritates me to no end.

Or when people say “I aks you a question” and when little kids say “I brang my ball”. I don’t know about the whole screamed - “scraim” thing though (“doe” :D).

My little brother’s got his own language. Don’t get me started.

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I just peel the stickers off!

CLYW Narwall




Yeah this one totally.

When you show off your new trick that’s really difficult, and then they just ask you: “can you walk the dog?”
Am I the only one?

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No you are not the only one.

Doesn’t happen to me very often

Really? I get it at least once a day.

“Oh yeah, I solved a Rubik’s cube once. I peeled the sticker’s off.” (trying to be funny)

You must meet new people more often than I do.


“i LITERALLY died laughing”

“i LITERALLY love that so much”

i literally cannot believe how many people misuse the word literally >:(

WheN PeOple tYpe LiKe thIs

when people assume stuff about you from a three second glance >:(

also, i have no idea how this developed, but when people call me “yoyo_____” or “yo_______” it annoys me, again NO CLUE :stuck_out_tongue:

then the classic thing where people say they are the national yoyo champion and ask them if their name is zach gormley (and if they have heard of CLYW), they say no, move on to second, same with gentry and so on (its actually pretty flipping hilarious, can anyone relate?)

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You’re asian right? Can you teach me how to (insert anything).

Like really guys… This happened a few times during high school… Me being actually smart and learning most things with almost no effort and the fact that I turned 16 this May and will start freshman year in college this fall doesn’t help.

Don’t get me started on the age thing and being 1-3 years younger than my classmates in the same grade… How are you so young? You’re supposed to be a freshman! etc.

How do you tell other asians apart? /facepalm To get out of this I’ll usually just say “Just cuz we can”

There are plenty more that have nothing to do with what I put on here but the post would be too long.

Those ones. I don’t hate it but…sheesh. ::slight_smile:

when people say kanife,suhword…

really people now i know why america isnt even in the top ten smartest countries…
probably cause we are not asain… sorry rixtify i couldnt help myself…

“Oh. You’re good at YoYoing… That’s because you are Asian…”


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