Official skateboard thread of YYE

I know that there are some of you out there ;D


Long time longboarder, very short time skater here! Still in the garage getting ollies/manuals down. Luckily I live near some pretty sick hills for longboarding, but the nearest decent skatepark is around 45 minutes away.

Learned on a skateboard and now I’m a committed longboarder!! Love riding that thing, it just relaxes me

You guys probably know im getting into it. I can cruise, but that’s pretty much it. Im scared to make the leap to actually do an Ollie… :-\

What kind of board do you have?

And like I said, I can barely do that, but it’s really not that bad. You know what to do and so do your legs, just let them do what they need to. It’s all timing.

I can do the actual ollie, I just cant land it. Got a new sector nine cruiser yesterday

Do you have any tips for getting started with the Ollie? I have a alien workshop and I think it’s good. 54MM wheels. I dont really know where to start, I think I should practice on the grass, but it’s raining today.

Find a crack and put your back wheels on it, so that they are locked it place.

It helps you learn the motion, because it is far more stable and your board wont roll out from under you.

Sector 9 RAW

Wow! Sick!

Learning to ollie is far easier on a regular skateboard though, due to the concave, and the more curved nose and kick tail

Yeah, thats also how I started, on the cracks :slight_smile:
Also, I tried riding on the actual rode, and it was sooo bumpy! Like it was uncomfortable… I know I need softer wheels, but I also wanna learn tricks. If I get softer wheels (like mr.nightshadow95) will it be more difficult to land tricks?

Haha you don’t want to put big rubbery wheels on regular decks, they are for cruisers and longboards

It’s going to be bumpy. You may want to tighten your trucks.

What wheels do you use? I use spitfire formula 4s

I actually have no idea… I bought it complete from a local shop and at the time I knew NOTHING about boards. All I know is they are white and say “54mm mini logo” in orange on them.
And yeah, my trucks were really tight when I got them and I loosened them to carve, I guess I can tighten them. It does feel a little more comfortable.
here’s my board (link to where I bought it):
But I have the 54mm and a tool. We got it for about $80.

I know a lot of people will tell you to not learn only stationary and to force yourself to learn rolling as well. Can cause you to pick up some bad habits. I’ve been practicing one day on carpet/a crack and one day rolling. Nothing too fast, just half a push or so. And here’s my board.
Not my exact board obviously, but I love it

Wow okay so today and a little yesterday, I tried ollies. I did them in the grass cuz again, im a wuss. So im not really progressing too much on them, but heyz its been a little over a I did a pretty good jump, landed, and my board was uneven… I took the board out and a truck was gone! I picked it up, and all the parts and attempted to put them back together. I got scared, and im going to a shop tomorrow just to check if it’s okay. just sharing my “fun” experience…
Also, a question, this might be really hard to understand. On the side of the truck( at the bottom, left on the right truck) is there anything there? like a bolt or something? the side opposite where out tighten it.

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Not entirely sure what you’re talking about but here’s this

Brian my friend got such a cool rockstar longboard for free,it looks really cool and I might get to try it!
Up in one part of my board, its getting chipped (at the bottom) and I dont know why!
My board might be chipped from ollies, maybe im hitting the ground hard and my trucks are loose…
Part of the reason it might be is because im kinda scared to land it :-\ I can in grass…
I wanna bump this since I like this thread :slight_smile: what have you guys been up to?

Long boarded about 3 hours by the beach today with my friends we hit like 25 MPH with the wind on our side so it was pretty good, then we went into a board shop and we looked at boards and decks and wheels and all those kinds of stuff, now my legs are sore :smiley: lol

I wanna get into long boarding. No tricks, just wheeling around. How should I start/what should I start on?