gonna try out skateboarding...

So I wanna try out skateboarding. Im gonna be chill about it, I dont wanna do those crazy tricks, I just wanna like cruise around or go places. I might try stuff like olies (how do u spell them?),shuvits (again, how?) but not too much. Im guessing a longboard would be better for me m, but I haven’t ever skated before, so should I start out with a standard normal board?
I also wanna know what to buy. Any good brands? I dont wanna spend that much, like $40 if I can. I would rather buy them at a shop than online… Any good shops in Chico? I’ll google it :slight_smile:
Thanks guys, also who are your favorite skaters? I like Spencer nuzzi just since I learned a thing or 5 from him.

Terry Trimble

Get a cruiser, 40 bucks isn’t too much for a board but it depends what you want really


If you just want to ride around a longboard is better for you since they are better for cruising. However, if you want to do some of those tricks then yes get a skateboard, and I really don’t know much about skateboarding, but my favorite is Bam Margera

PM Noonar- I think he skates.

Thats what I was thinking. But people are saying it’s easier to start off with a skatboard. I dont really know why buy I guess it might be.
How hard is it to get a basic Ollie down? Is it like after like 10 trys ill get it? Or do I have to practice a bunch and technique and stuff??

Corey- exactly what I was thinking :wink:

I own a standard cruiser and can still do ollies and ride ramps and stuff on it. Here’s what mine looks like but with a bunch of gashes and scratches all over it.

Also mind that if you get into longboarding there are a plethora of moves that take from a vocabulary completely separate from that of flippyplanking. Its potential for you doesn’t have to be based on emulation.

If youre just gonna cruise get Penny yo. That was one of the best things I ever got. So worth it, really great and fun to ride. You could get the Nickel if you want a bigger board but I like the Penny’s size.

I would advise against getting a Penny board. Sure, they are trendy and fun, but for someone who doesn’t know how to ride, and is looking for potential, they are too limited and /dangerous/ to really be considered until you’ve set up a foundation.

Yeah personally I’ve tried the penny’s and they are not that great, and might be a little unstable while trying to learn. I would say a full size skateboard would be better.

Yeah, i know it wasn’t really great to learn on and sorta dangerous (in fact I did fall in the first day I got it) but falling just made me more cautious and I really enjoy just cruising around on it and the size is great for me. I really have no experience in this either and just got a penny because it looked cool, so if you guys could suggest a longboard for me too I’m all ears haha

Cruising is my game.

Find a used Pennie?

I skate a little bit…

I use my board to get around - and I wanted something that would be fairly easy to carry, so I got a cruiser. It’s not as stable as a long board, but is smaller and easier to carry when I use public transport. It’s mostly downhill to the station - so if I’m late for work, I cruise to the station, and then carry the board from there.

I enjoy my board. It’s pretty much the same size as a skateboard (ie. “trick” board), but the wheels are much bigger (62mm), which makes it a lot more stable (but not as stable as a long board).

My board does have a tail, so I could ollie and do some ticks… but I really couldn’t be bothered - I just want something that’s quicker (and more fun!) than walking!

Remember learning Trapeze for the first time…? Think closer to a 1000 trys… Even more.

yea go with a cruiser you can Ollie and stuff but its not as big as a longboard, its normal size and your not Sacrificing the feel and comfort of a longboard they are pretty well priced as well you can’t get a long board for 40 bucks maybe 100 though


How much are cruisers? And any good brands? Or is that kinds like asking the best yoyo brand…?

Santa Cruz is pretty good if you have a sports authority near you then check out there section they have reasonable priced cruisers you should find what your looking for


yeah longboards are not cheap, but they are well made and good quality. I got my sector 9 RAW for $135 and it is awesome, but not that price friendly haha but it is worth it.

 I don't think it was that hard to learn an ollie. but your statement is pretty close. I still can do ollies and shove-its and I never really was in to skateboarding.

I’d say go with a long board if you gots the cash. there fun to ride. or as you put it cruse. I’ve wanted one for awile. but don’t live around enough concrete with out driveing any ways.