Hey guys, I have always been interested in skateboarding. I tried to get into it a few years back but didn’t have a very good board. I want to try again, but this time with a better board. I was wondering of any of you had a suggestion on what a good board would be to start off with.

A Flip whatever had one for my first board and it was great and for trucks get thunder

Depends on your preference. Its alot like yoyoing, some boards have more pop, some are wider. I skate a 8.25 slave deck with thunder trucks and u gotta get some good bearings too. If ur not spending 130 or more your probably not getting the good stuff lol. always has cool stuff.

Thats where I bbuy all my cord’s and neff

Girl skateboards make good stuff. But truck wise go for Paris trucks, cheap and really good quality. Bones reds bearings and the hardest wheels your skateshop sells

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Yeah Im ridin’ a Girl deck now

But almost makes the best ever

So does Blood wizard

rep 5boro

I really like girl and chocolate boards

I used to have a Chocolate and liked it lots.

Now I have a few Mystery decks laying around as well as some Toy Machines.

I’m never gonna stop using the generic solid colored trucks I get at my local shop though. They’re not great but they only cost 20$ and are still lighter than Ventures.

But then again, Ventures grind better than any truck out there.

I use DarkStar Brand boards stock…but that’s me…lol.

I like darkstar, they just kind of out grew me.

Get yourself a plan b or girl.

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I haven’t skated in 10 years. I good to see some of these companies still going strong. I used to ride a World Industries, bones reds (of course). I can’t remember what trucks I used, possibly TNT.

My brother has a flip with venture trucks an element wheels. Every time my brother lends his board to someone almost everyone likes it.
As for me I just have a habitat board nothing special just smaller than the average but it works for my small feet!

girl boards are sooo overrated, too mellow of a shape, so flat

Thus I was saying thanks to the plan B part…lol

Habitat decks are BOSS

Dude, habitat makes everything right.


They get it done right

best decks ever right?

It’s all about preference. Again.
I use mini-logos. They are cheap (half price of a regular name brand deck) have tons of pop, and don’t chip easily.
I ride an 8.25 mini logo, w/ Indy trucks, Bones red bearings (best price/quality), and 56 bones park formula wheels.
I’m telling you, get a mini logo, they are good.

I have no idea what is going on in this thread, but I have a question or 2. Firstly, are the flip p2’s any good, or is it all hype? I know somebody is gonna say “It’s all preference” but from an objective view, are they good boards? And secondly, where is a good place to learn? All the tutorials I can find on youtube are really pretty bad. Thanks.

Thats a nice set up! My friend rides a 7.75 mini logo with tensor trucks, and bones wheels and bearings


Ok, because a post that long was necessary…

But I know what you mean

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