Anybody here skate?

I Haven’t skated in about a year and was wondering what your current set up is ? I’m ordering a board from ccs and I’m getting an ALMOST impact deck, thunder strike low trucks, Ricta Optix, Redz, lucky hardware and mob grip tape

Does long boarding count or cruising count

I ride a bustin boards complex deck for transport.

Not really. I just started with a many year old $30 kryptonics board. I can’t really do much at all. Just ollie up a sidewalk (occasionally). :stuck_out_tongue:

I do :slight_smile: nothing like skateboarding and yoyoing

I can Ripstik pretty well. Could never get the hang of skateboarding, though.

I skate when I have the chance to go to the skate park but the one closest to us closed :frowning: also the only reason I go to the skate park is because my driveway isn’t the smoothest.

Define skate?

I inline skate. Does that count?

I skate when I drop off my kids at school every morning. Got my YYE 5-pocket bag on me, read to throw for a few minutes as I wait for the teachers to bring in the kids from their lines. Repeat the process(mostly) to get them in the afternoon.

K2 with the softboot and 84mm wheels. Really liking it! I’m on my second set of wheels, and will need a new set in a few months.

I also inline skate. I just buy K2’s at the goodwill normally. Thinking about getting a new set for the first time since I was like 10. lol
anyhow have you seen freeline skates studio?

I wanna start skating, it looks like a ton of fun.

Gettin a Penny soon.

I’ve been riding for like 8 years, started when I was about 12. For about half of that time I actually “skated”, doing stairs and what not. Gave up the tricks like 3 years ago (except for my occasional urge to do a flatground flips) but still have 3 boards. A street set up, a cruiser that I take with me to get around campus, and a longboard for fooling around. My street set up, if I remember correctly, is a Zero deck, tensor magnesiums, bones street wheels, generic hardware, mob tape, and good ole’ reds.

Powell Peralta deck
Indy Trucks
Bones Medium Bushings
Bones Reds
Bones STF

Honestly though… Indy trucks + Bones bushings… to die for

you can call your setup the pibbb

I used to quad skate :smiley: Just sold my skates on Ebay for $60 a few months ago. They were stored in my sister’s basement for many years.