I started skating again about a week ago. I use a Santa Cruz deck with the bleeding hand graphic, bullet trucks, Spitfire wheels, and red bearings.




I used to skate, but I moved into the country and had no where to skate. It’s fun to start back again, but I forgot everything haha


What kind of skating do you mean? Like the longboard stuff or the trick stuff?


Skateboarding… Not longboarding…


I’m assuming he means the skateboard kind of longboard, not the surfboard. My friend has a longboard, as does his brother. I’m thinking about buying his brothers.

(M.DeV1) #8

I don’t do many tricks but I am known to be hanging around the skatepark gonig around the bowl on my santa cruz cruiser board. BIG wheels on a tiny board.


man … i grew up skateboarding and i still have a complete that I keep with me for old time sake. I also longboard and snowboard … but i started with skateboarding.

but i really wasn’t that good … i haven’t skated in years … i can probably still ollie.

I remember I ollied down a long set of 3 stairs in DC, kickfliped down a 2 foot ledge. umm i landed a 360 flip once… same with hard flips and front side flips.

grind wise … my fav was to shove it into a 5050 and shove it out…i couldn’t do crook grinds to save my life … i could get into the stall but not grind (probably wasn’t going fast enough) i liked to fs nose slide too and got into a tail slide like twice…

missed the good old days of me skating …

fav deck : Element fire & water (broke them both lol)
fav trucks : tensors (but you had to keep an Allen wrench with you)
wheels : spitfire
bearings: definitely reds … so cheap but so good
grip : black magic
bolts : skull
wax : i remember we use to carry wax all the time … usually just the cheap ones from the grocery store.