so, i’m currently planning to skate. I’m looking for a good/bit cheap complete. Anyone knows where I could get one here in the Philippines??
I’m trying to lessen online orders because of the shipping cost.
I tried looking around and saw some at a sports shop, Tge brand is Lakeway USA.
any thoughts about them??

I kind of want to do street skating.

i love to skateboard! i have been for about 12 years now and it gets better every day! my fav brand would have to be a Enjoi board with Tensor trucks and ceramic bearings. if you can find those around u they will not disappoint =]

i’ll try to look for those.

so.any of you know about Lakeway boards?they’re the only ones that I’ve seen for now.

GO with tensor mags if you can get them. spitfires for wheels, and bones reds for bearings. If you are on a budget, try spitfire cheapshots for bearings… they are ten bucks and they run nice and smooth.

yah bones reds rock hardcore! i have those in my spare deck

gonna check those.
what do you guys recommend for trucks?i’m looking for something that would be nice to a beginner and could take one up to higher level. and …not so expensive
I hear they come in different heights?

i recommend tensors for trucks. as a beginner get something that is low-mid range because that will give you a better center of gravity to get the board to flip.

thanks for the advice guys. i’ll try mid trucks.

I’ve been skating Santa Cruz decks and Independent trucks for over 25 years.

Tough stuff! Great for the bigger guys or gals!!!

I used to skate Pornstar decks for years but now I have a Mini-Logo deck with tensor low trucks, pig wheels and bones ceramic bearings :slight_smile: and a Wu-Tang logo I cut out of the grip :wink: